Last month I shared a post featuring a boho chic styled look. I explained where the bohemian fashion style originated from and how it has translated into today’s trends. For today’s look, I took the overall boho chic vibe and elevated it slightly to result in a boho glam look. The lace romper/dress, a few minor tweaks to my hair, and the makeup shown here takes boho chic to the next level.

Boho and Glam are essentially antonyms. Bohemian has a casual and relaxed feel, while glamour is associated with glitz, sparkles, formal events, etc. However, you can still incorporate “bohemian” elements into your glam look. For example, Lauren Wohlin from Gossamer Salon gave me textured curls, a 4D fishtail braid, a small fishtail braid and a small regular braid. She added in metal bobby pins to create a design in my hair while also holding the curls and braid in place, pulling it to one side. This is a hair style you could easily do for a formal event like a wedding, gala, fashion show, etc. but also translates well for a weekend brunch with your friends. It depends on how you accentuate your makeup and what attire you choose. For this hair tutorial, click here.

Alyson Lavender did my makeup and focused on giving me a dramatic eye with thick, long lashes (these were fake lashes on top of my real lashes that are longer, thicker and darker than normal thanks to Lash Boost), dark eye liner, a great glow from the blush and highlighter, and a deep lip color. I am very fair, so creating a bronze glow wasn’t the objective, but having a smooth complexion can always be accomplished no matter your skin tone.

The hair and makeup styled with the sexy Verity lace Bardot romper/dress in navy immediately translates the overall look to event ready. The plunging neckline and short shorts makes a bold statement. The lace keeps the look very feminine and allows you to not feel like you’re wearing such a short romper. I loved the lace sleeves and skirt to add an extra element to the overall look. You could wear heels with this look for a fancier event or dress it down with flat booties as it’s shown here.

The jewelry worn is a leather Ettika choker from Verity. It’s actually a metallic gold braided choker, but I flipped it to the tan raw leather side. I typically would not wear earrings with a necklace like this, but in the bohemian spirit I layered a pair of Kendra Scott turquoise studs to the look. I love how they don’t perfectly match the navy dress, but the light blue color compliments the overall color story.

Let me know what your favorite thing about this look is!

(The photo below is the aftermath of when you’re trying to do a sassy walk, but end up tripping on a rock and do your best to not fall flat on your face – lol! Thankfully, Erika Greene Photography is amazing and caught me in action to tell the story.)

Be You, Bravely.

The Foxy Kat



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