You may already know this, but I am an Arizona transplant born in Wisconsin and raised by two midwestern parents, originally from Chicago suburbs. When my family and I moved to the desert I was a couple months from turning four. I hardly remember anything other than sunshine and intense heat. Growing up it seemed like my mom’s answer to everything was to drink water. If I had a headache – drink water! If I was tired – drink water! If my car broke down – drink water and then put water in your radiator! My first car was a 1992 GMC Jimmy and was known to break down from time to time, but mainly it was because I ran out of gas and the gas gauge was broken. Anywho, my mom has engrained drinking water into my brain and daily habits that I now say these things to my soda-drinking husband, but lately I’ve found that I’ve been so busy at work that I simply forget to drink water- gasp! It’s literally the worst! When I realize that I haven’t drank water all day it’s usually because I have a headache around 3pm and by then it’s too late. I’ll chug a glass of water to catch up, but I wish I could have a gentle reminder to get me through my day. It is a daily goal of mine to drink a gallon of water a day! My second water related issue is that sometimes I forget to add how much water I’ve drank to my tracking app. If only there was a water bottle that automatically tracked it for me… queue Hidrate Spark 2.0!

Even my coworkers and friends know how crazy I am about drinking water. Last year for my birthday I got a water bottle from my co-workers and three water bottles from three different friends – haha! So, when my coworker told me about Hidrate Spark 2.0, the smart water bottle, I knew I had to have it! This water bottle literally does all of the things that I wasn’t doing. It not only gives you gentle reminders throughout the day, but it also automatically updates your app with how much water you’ve drank – genius!

Let’s talk about the tech functionalities in the app… Hidrate Spark has a home screen that allows you to see how much water you have drank for the day and how far away you are to your goal. The only tricky thing is that you need to make sure that you have the water bottle paired correctly to your app and you need to make sure that you set your water bottle down after every time you drink it or fill it up. I learned the hard way on both of these, but it’s not hard to get into the habit. Also, the app has your height/weight/age information so that it can suggest a goal for you. Lastly, it has a function where you can connect with friends. I don’t have any friends, so if you can all please purchase the water bottles and connect with me that would be great 🙂

As for the actual water bottles design and construction…. I love the various colors that they offer. I chose purple, but they just reordered the special Royal Blue color, which I desperately want! The material of the water bottle is very soft and adds a slight grip so it doesn’t slip out of your hands. Plus there is a finger loop that comes with it if you prefer to carry it that way. The only thing that is challenging in Arizona is that the container doesn’t keep the water as cold as metal water bottles, but I don’t mind room temperature water, plus the lid is big enough to add ice. Also, I love that the lid has a flip top and a pour spout, but it does seem that the lid on the water bottle isn’t as sturdy as metal lids. I haven’t had an experience that would lead me to believe this, but I’ve noticed I am slightly paranoid that I might break it. Also, it seems very easy to wash and clean it. I put the lid and water bottle into the dish washer without any issues. The only thing you have to be careful of is the stick that activates the blinking and the bluetooth sensor, so you do have to hand wash that piece of it. I’m actually going to purchase a couple more water bottles in other colors just because I sometimes get lazy with washing the dishes. If I have at least two water bottles synced to my phone, then I’ll never have to worry about not tracking my water intake.

The coolest thing of all is the fact that this water bottle LIGHTS UP! In the app there are various settings regarding the water bottle lighting up. You can set how many times a day you want it to light up, whether you want it to light up as a general reminder or only when you’re behind on your goal. Also, you can change the way that you want it to light up too. There is a default light that is a white light that goes off about 5-10 seconds for the reminders. If you want a celebratory light to go off when you reach your goal you can choose a variety of different colors and pulses. Below are videos of the default reminder and my celebratory flash. Let me know below what your main struggles are with drinking water. Do you have a similar goal as mine, to drink a specific amount of water a day? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Goal Celebration - Flash Combo

Reminder - Default White Flash



  1. Marisol Avila Reply

    WAIT WHAT!! This bottle not only reminds you and lights up too. So cool. I have never heard of such a thing. I’m the worst at drinking water at work ( mostly because that just means I have to pee more often lol! What cool product. Thanks Kat!

    • Kat Reply

      Haha I know what you mean! I hate having to go to the bathroom all the time!

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