Mention "The Foxy Kat Special" and Missie will offer you a discounted OxyCryo Facial with free Dermaplaning for $199 ($86 savings!)

My sister Fox (sister-in-law on the Fox side) works in the Signature Suite Salons near Chandler Fashion Center mall on Chandler Blvd and the 101 Freeway. You may have read previous mentions of her on my blog or noticed a tag to her Instagram page that showcases her hair salon at @hairbycaseykirby. Well, she has always been passionate about skincare, makeup, beauty products, etc. If you’ve heard of some sort of treatment she’s definitely heard of it too (maybe even tried it if it’s right for her), or if you’ve seen a new beauty/makeup product she definitely owns it and has bought extras for all of her friends and family. So, when she introduced me to her friend and wouldn’t stop talking about the ground breaking treatments that she’s doing I knew Missie from Laser Skin Couture was the real deal! She even won the Top Aesthetician 2018 award, so there’s actual proof behind Casey’s conviction.

Missie and I connected over our love for skincare and doing what’s right for your skin type, your body, your health, your goals, etc. I’ve been to many fancy day spas where you read a beautifully written menu and choose a treatment based on pre-selected experiences. I always leave feeling relaxed, sometimes I am so relaxed that I end up falling asleep, but I never understand what the aesthetician actually did or how it will help my skin in the long run. Thankfully Missie assured me that each of her services are personalized for her clients. Yes, there is a “type of facial” that you select off of her menu of services, but there are additional steps along the way that are tailored to your preferences, and your needs. Even though I stayed awake the whole time (lol), as my service was an hour and a half long and I was extremely relaxed. I actually had the most fun talking to Missie about skincare. I loved picking her brain, sharing my thoughts towards certain procedures and hearing that we have a lot in common. The best part is that her opinions and procedures that she does for her clients are backed by research and data. 

The OxyCryo Facial - Oxygen Therapy - Science Based Skincare

Missie introduced me to the OxyCryo Facial. In the images above you can see the machine that is used. The only thing missing in the image are the few oxygen tanks that the machine is hooked up to. I honestly didn’t even notice this when I was taking the photo! It wasn’t until Missie pointed it out to me as I was leaving as she wanted to let me know that I had a TRUE
Oxycryo facial. The reason why I was interested in this facial is because of the hydrating effects of the pure oxygen and the cosmeceuticals that soothes the skin while reviving skin’s vitality (aka it has anti-aging properties.) Also, the fact that Missie is the only aesthetician in all of the state to provide this service after hours of training on this Korean-based skincare invention also sold me. 

My skincare goals are to rid my skin of hormonal acne, hydrate my skin to help prevent against wrinkles/aging, and improve the overall pigmentation and texture of my skin. 

The OxyCryo facial helps to penetrate deeper into the skin rather than just scrubbing the surface. When we wash our face, we’re only getting so deep into our pores and we’re unable to down into the deeper layers. Plus there is also the ability to exfoliate and extract the skin at the surface to so that you’re getting a well rounded treatment. 

Above, I shared a few photos before the OxyCryo facial and then the photo on the bottom right is a photo I took after the facial. The night before the facial appointment I went to a friends wedding so you can imagine I was pretty dehydrated and sluggish. The OxyCryo facial not only hydrated my skin, but it helped to get rid of my pounding headache and it freshened up my scalp too. Below I’m listing all the steps of the facial that I experienced. One step that I didn’t experience is Dermaplaning. Missie typically includes this in the OxyCryo facial for her clients, but based on my previous Dermaplaning experience (read here) and the fact that I didn’t love it, she wanted to get to know my skin first and focus on other treatment areas. However, the majority of Missie’s clients love Dermaplaning and Missie likes it because it helps with cell turnover, so that is why she is offering Dermaplaning for free with an OxyCryo facial discount at $199 total, if you mention “The Foxy Kat Special.” As you’re reading over the various steps below, keep in mind that the Oxygen Therapy is via spraying method. It infuses pure oxygen and nutrients to the skin, promotes collagen formation and cells regeneration. It’s non-invasive, and safe. It’s often times used as a post-care treatment following medical aesthetic procedures like laser, peels, fillers, surgery, etc.

Steps 1-4: Pore Mask, Oxygen Scaling, Manual Technique, & Formula Infusion

Step 1: Pore Mask. This is an oxygen enriched bubble cleanser that gently gets rid of dirt and oils without skin irritation, so it’s perfect for people who have sensitive skin like me. Step 2, Oxygen Scaling, felt amazing! It deep cleanses by using oxygen and a mineral enhanced liquid solution through the spraying pressure. Step 3, Manual Technique, helps to balance sebum and moisture level, while speeding up skin regeneration and reducing swelling. This step is where Missie provides a unique facial massage that focuses on lymph drainage. Step 4 is Formula Infusion, but before this Missie performed extractions on me which allowed step 4 to work even harder. Step 4 provides an oxygen enriched formula selected for my personal skin needs, infused directly to my skin through spraying, which helps with hydration, cell regeneration and exfoliation.

Step 5: Oxygen Mask

Step 5, Oxygen Mask, is super unique. I felt like an astronaut! Missie wrapped the edges of my face with gauze and put a clear plastic mask over my face for about 3 minutes. There is an opening at the mouth and since it’s clear I could open my eyes and not feel claustrophobic. Prior to putting the mask on topic, a gel with 10% Hyaluronic acid (like those Eva Longoria commercials) is applied to the skin to instantly hydrate and plump the skin. While the Oxygen Mask is on, it promotes diaphragmatic breathing as you can breath in and enjoy the
pure oxygen, cells regeneration and healing. Missie applied relaxing aromatherapy oils, which were placed around the opening to promote relaxation. Plus it smelled amazing!

Step 6: Oxygen Modeling Mask

The above 6 photos are all for Step 6, Oxygen Modeling Mask. I’ve never experienced something like this and it was so neat. If I have had this done in a facial before, I don’t think I knew or understood what was happening. I’m so glad I took pictures because it really is so cool to see! This Clarifying Mask contains Kaolin and natural moisturizing factors that are helpful for sebum and moisture regulation. It is a premium modeling mask with 17% Alginate extracted from the deep sea. It instantly delivers moisture and nutrients into the skin. Missie applied a layer of wet gauze soaked in the Cryogenic Activator to my face before applying the Oxygen Modeling Mask selected for my skin. Then she started from the bottom and worked her way up which allowed me more time with my eyes uncovered. I can get claustrophobic, but since I usually have my eyes closed during a facial, I didn’t even notice that I couldn’t open my eyes. Not being able to open my mouth was a little weird, but Missie stayed with me the whole time and she asked that I use thumbs up or thumbs down to respond to her check-ins. 

Step 7: Scalp Scaling

I know this sounds silly because all of the previous steps were so unique and innovative, but Step 7 Scalp Scaling was my favorite. Can I come in for a 90 minute appointment of just Scalp Scaling?! 🙂 The way that Missie did this step was that she divided my hair into sections while spraying Cryogenic Activator directly on my scalp. It felt so cool, calming and it also felt like someone was playing with my hair, which is always a dream. If nothing else, you should try the facial for this step alone. Since the Cryogenic Activator comes in water-based Nano-articles it will not dampen the hair or mess up your styling. The Scalp Scaling removes anaerobic bacteria on your scalp, so if you aren’t a fan of washing your hair too often or if you have a dry or oily scalp or use dry shampoo, this is your answer! Thanks for reading about my experience with Laser Skin Couture. As you can see below I greatly enjoyed my OxyCryo Facial!

Honorable Mentions

Casey loves the HydraFacial that Missie offers, so I figured I should mention it. I have not done it, but it’s worth asking Missie about If you’re interested. 

The image on the far right is a dietary supplement that Missie offers. Skin Accumax helps with the hormonal breakouts that I am so familiar with. I have not tried this yet, but I am very interested. I’ll share my experience on the blog when I try it. Please comment below if you’ve tried it!

Mention "The Foxy Kat Special" and Missie will offer you a discounted OxyCryo Facial with free Dermaplaning for $199 ($86 savings!)


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