If you’re anything like me then you’ve left Mother’s Day gifts to the very last minute! Don’t worry, you still have (almost) 24 hours to find a gift that shows mom how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you. If you’re local to Phoenix or Scottsdale, then you have access to the Uptown and So Scottsdale! magazines where I featured the best floral scents for mom. If not, you can see the online version below. 

Go Beyond the Bouquet

Let your nose guide you to a fresh Mother’s Day gift.

Skip the bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day this year and opt for the smell of blossoming flowers for mom to wear every day. Let the hottest floral scents for spring inspire you to think beyond the bouquet. Show your appreciation to your mother with a gift that allows her to feel her best this spring and summer. She will thank you each morning as she wakes up and smells the roses. 



  1. Brilliant Idea.. I think I am going to gift my mother this already.. can’t wait for another year to gift her.. haha.. I wish I had seen your post earlier.

  2. Aiyoo, if only i manage to find this post earlier, I would have bought this Allure’s flower scent perfume for my son’s mum (my wife). oh well, her birthday is coming up in July, I will definitely keep this in mind.

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    I prefer perfumes with a flowery or citrusy note to it. It just makes me feel so feminine when I wear them. I will check these scents out when I get to the mall. I am very interested in Gucci Bloom.

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