The idea of TFK Blog came to light long before purchasing the domain name on March 11th, 2014 and publishing the first blog post on July 5th, 2014. I’ve been meticulously styling outfits for myself, family and friends since before I could do long division. This sixth sense helped when landing a buying and store management internship in San Francisco with Macy’s and later kicking off my product development and merchandising career after college at Macy’s Merchandising Group in New York City. My corporate retail and fashion experience grew as I transitioned back to the desert as a shoe buyer for Dillard’s, right after selling wedding dresses at the flagship Priscilla of Boston store in mid-town Manhattan. Switching gears, I expanded my marketing expertise in Brand Marketing and Sponsorship at GoDaddy, where my main responsibility was the Danica Patrick racing program. Continuing my course, I currently manage the public relations department for a small-parcel logistics company named OnTrac and I help women feel their best everyday through The Foxy Kat (TFK) blog and styling.

I am passionate about connecting people within the community, content creation, and event management. For so long, I’ve artistically and systematically expressed myself through my wardrobe and beauty (makeup and hair styling) that conceptualizing a plan and seeing it through for another person to achieve the same feelings of contentment and confidence has become another great passion of mine.

Thank you to my Instagram Husband for putting up with dinners of cold food so that I can get the perfect shot, to my friends for not getting frustrated when I ask a complete stranger to take multiple photos of us everytime we go somewhere, to my creative partners for playing dress up with me and creating magic together, to my blogger-girls for just getting me, to my dad for thinking that my childhood obsession with picture day “retakes” is hilarious, to my mom for always being my biggest fan, and to my readers for being interested in what I have to say! You all make this journey worth it!

Be You. Bravely.

Katrina Fox