We are one month into 2018, which means you have either successfully started your New Year resolution and created lasting habits, or you’ve decided that maybe you’ll try again next month. There is no shame if you didn’t accomplish your goals completely. They are in fact goals, meaning that they are a plan created by you to give you purpose and help you to look towards something that you hope to accomplish that you may not have accomplished before. If your goal was to complete the B3 All In challenge, I would love to hear how you did in the comments below. 


I mentioned last week that I accomplished 4 out of the 5 weekly Barre3 workouts and a HIIT workout at BODI too. However, the following week I was super sick with a head cold that completely wiped me out. I was out of commission from work for an entire week. I haven’t been that sick in a long time! I know some people who say to “sweat it out” when they’re feeling a little under the weather (my dad, the pharmacist, is one of them), but I say to listen to your body. I could barely stand let alone walk from my bed to the couch. I worked one full day during the week and even though I have a standing desk I sat the entire day because I would occasionally have dizzy spells. Also, if you’re not feeling well, it is not wise to go to a gym where you are in close contact with other people and spread your germs. 

After resting all week, taking medicine, and going to the doctor’s office, I finally felt strong enough to go to a Barre3 class on Saturday morning. I still modified many of the exercises and maintain all low-impact movements. I made sure that I washed my hands before and after class, as well as wiped down my weights. Since I asked the instructor for wipes, she informed me that after every class they always clean all mats and equipment (weights, balls, bands, etc.) I was very pleased to hear this as it’s often a concern of mine when going to gyms that have classes back to back. On Sunday (while Barre3 is closed), I went to a HIIT class at BODI and also modified most exercises again. The last three days of the month, I did not make it to either workout class as I was having issues with the medicine I was taking to get over my cold. (FYI – You should not take Sudafed if you have high blood pressure, heart problems or thyroid disease. I have the later and it started to affect me negatively after a week of taking it consistently.) However, I am continuing the goal of working out five times a week, maintaining balance in my life, and eating whole foods. Are you continuing your health and fitness goals into February?

I received a question on Instagram and I thought it would be wise to answer it here, since others may have the same question. I was asked about the “special socks” that I wear in my photos. She asked me why I wear them, if she needs to wear them and where does one buy them. Barre3 does not require that you wear the socks during class. I have been to barre classes at other studios that absolutely require them to enter. I prefer them actually. The socks have a gripey material on the bottom that prevents from slipping and sliding when you’re holding a pose. There are many options that cover your foot like a typical sock would, or cover each individual toe, which some people think help for additional support. Another popular option are the socks or wraps that allow your toes to be free. Depending on what is clean and how I’m feeling that day, I’ve used all three. I even have socks that support each individual toe, but are cut at the ends so you can see your toenails. Just remember to not dry the socks with dryer sheets or with heat in order to maintain the stickies on the bottom. I usually let mine air-dry. I tagged some of my favorites above to make it easy for you to purchase. Barre3 has a retail store at each workout location that allows you to buy the socks there too.

To read more about the retail store at Barre3, click here.

Free Class at Barre3 North Scottsdale or Paradise Valley in Arizona

For a free workout at Barre3, you must be a first-time client. Click here for Paradise Valley, or here for North Scottsdale. About halfway down on the page, click on “Special Deal” where it says “New to Barre3? We have a special deal just for you!” It will take you to the MindBody website and then you will need to select the Package – Single Class for $23. When you check out, use THEFOXYKAT as the promo code in order to receive the class for free. Let me know if you need a workout buddy – I’d love to join you! If you have any issues with the promo code, please comment below and/or email me at katrina@thefoxykat.com. I hope to see you at Barre3 soon! 

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Disclaimer: I am in no way a fitness expert, everything on TFK blog and specifically this blog post is written in my own opinion. If you are not sure if you should perform an exercise, please consult a physician. 

Be you, bravely.

The Foxy Kat


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  1. So good! Congrats! Don’t you wish they opened on Sunday’s? The Kansas City location does! Lol

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