I can’t believe it’s already been 8 weeks since I started using Lash Boost! By now you’ve heard me talk about Lash Boost a few times on the blog and on social media. (Read the blog here for general information and also here to see my 4 week progress photos.) Just in case, Lash Boost is a Rodan + Field skin care product to help your lashes grow longer and thicker.

Is it just me or are comparison photos so much fun?! I love looking at the before and after photos to be able to see progress. You can definitely see the results that I’ve received by using Lash Boost daily. From the photos at 0 weeks to now at 8 weeks my lashes are longer and thicker. Something else that I started doing is applying Lash Boost to my eyebrows. After I use the Lash Boost on my eyelids (at my eyelash line), I take the extra Lash Boost “lotion” that is on the wand and put it on my eyebrows. I’m not focusing on my eyebrow grown, but if you look at the photos you’ll see that my eyebrows have grown in a lot and gotten thicker just in the past 4 weeks that I started doing that. Another thing to notice is how much my hair color has faded in only 8 weeks 🙁 lol! It makes me so sad when I see that! Now for the pictures…

– 0 Weeks VS 8 Weeks –

Both photos I am wearing mascara. 0 weeks is on top and 8 weeks is on the bottom.

– 0 Weeks VS 8 Weeks –

The top two photos are from 0 weeks and the bottom two photos are from 8 weeks. I am not wearing mascara in the first and third photos and I am wearing mascara in the second and fourth photos.

– 0 Weeks VS 4 Weeks VS 8 Weeks – Eyes Open –

All photos I am wearing mascara. 0 weeks is on top, 4 weeks is in the middle, and 8 weeks is on the bottom.

– 0 Weeks VS 4 Weeks VS 8 Weeks – Eyes Closed –

All photos I am wearing mascara. 0 weeks is on top, 4 weeks is in the middle, and 8 weeks is on the bottom.

There you have it! It’s easy to see the results and it’s easy to use the product. It’s really a no brainer if you want long lashes without having to get extensions or wear fake lashes since it’s so easy to do. At this point it is very second nature to me. I have a routine; I wash my face, but on my Lash Boost, brush my teeth, put on my face lotion and I’m off to bed. My electric toothbrush is on a 2 minute timer, which is perfect because you have to wait 90 seconds before putting on face lotion from when you apply Lash Boost. 

I noticed something interesting these past four weeks (since my last post about Lash Boost) and it had to do with my eyelash growth cycle. I could tell that some of my lashes must have fallen out due to reaching the full lash life cycle. I’ve been a lot more aware of my lashes since starting Lash Boost and I don’t think I would have noticed it otherwise. Even looking at the photos it’s barely noticeable. I’m sharing this with you because it’s not something to be concerned with. Just like all hair growth, eyelashes go through their own hair growth cycle. In the photos of my eyes open, you might notice that in week 4 all of my lashes were about the same length. Now in week 8, my lashes are more staggered in length, but they are definitely longer than they were before. I even Googled what the average length of an eyelash growth cycle is just to be sure 😉

Here are additional photos of my long thick lashes! Below are without mascara from 8 weeks results.

Below are with mascara from 8 weeks results.

Lastly, my friend Tristin is offering a Valentine’s Day promotion when you buy Lash Boost. The details are at the bottom of the blog post. Give your lashes some love this Valentine’s Day! And here are Tristin’s results after 8 weeks of using Lash Boost too. That way you can see how it works for someone else besides just me. 

Ordering Information

Tristin Nasser is offering The Foxy Kat readers a ‘Love Your Lashes’ Valentine’s Day special, which includes the 2-3 month supply of Lash Boost and a sample of the multifunction mini eye-cream and 50% off preferred customer enrollment. Be sure to let her know that The Foxy Kat referred you and you’ll receive $135 special pricing. Offer is valid until 2/14/17, so be sure to order before then!

Contact Information: Tristin Nasser | Website | Instagram | Facebook | tristinnasser81@gmail.com | 813.245.5525

Quick Stats – LASH BOOST

Started on Monday, November 28th, 2016

4 Week Progress Photos on Monday, December 26th, 2016

8 Week Results Photos on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Be you, bravely.

The Foxy Kat

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  1. Woah I could’ve sworn you were wearing eyelash extensions when I saw you. They look beautiful! Great post 🙂

  2. Love it girl! So happy you love it as I do!

    Ladies, let me know if I can help you with your order to give your lashes some love this Valentine’s Day!!! Or tell those significant others that this is what you want for Valentine’s Day! 😘❤️

    • Hi Melissa!

      I would be happy to help you if you want more info on Lash Boost or want to try it. I am offering a couple great specials for Valentine’s Day. Let me know! 😀

      • Hi Melissa!

        Did you see Kat’s 12 week pictures of her results!? Are you ready to try?! We have a great promotion now until March 9th only 4 days left!


  3. Holy moly you can totally see a difference! I stopped getting my lashes filled too, because so many were falling out! Love that this product helped boost your lashes again!

    • Hi Sydney!

      Please let me know if you want some info on Lash Boost or want to try it. I have 3 amazing specials being offered for Valentine’s Day. Let me know! It sure helps your lashes grow back. My customer said she lost so many lashes from wearing faux lashes so she decided to try LB and is loving it!! She can see the difference already at 4 weeks! I would be happy to help you too!!! 😀

  4. WOW! This is something I need. I currently have lash extensions and am kind of over it…so, this looks like something that’s right up my alley.

    • Hi Laci!

      I would be so happy to help get you set up with amazing voluminous lashes too! We have an amazing promotion of 20% off a skincare regimen and Lash Boost bundle until March 9th (only 4 days left) plus FREE mini eye cream on me! Let me know and I will order for you.


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  6. If you stop using the product, will the new growth fall out? I know that eyelashes fall out during their growth cycle anyway. I’m just wondering if you have to use the product in perpetuity if you want to maintain the results.

    • Hi!

      Lash Boost is like any other product or diet, or exercise. You have to be consistent and continue to use for desired results. Your lashes are being protected and moisturized while using Lash Boost so the benefits will be maintained while you use. After about 8 weeks (60 applications is recommended for best efficacy of product for visible results) you can judge if you want to start using every other night. As Kat mentioned she got her best results at 12 weeks so after 12 she used only 3 times a week to maintain her desired look. Hope that helps!

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