I’m so excited to share GIVEAWAY news with you all! Please continue reading to the end for all of the important details. Thank you all very much for being here to celebrate my birthday month with me.

Happy August Friends! I have so much to celebrate and I’m hoping you’ll join me. This month I’m turning 35 (say, what?!), but more importantly I recently passed a HUGE milestone of being 100% gluten free for a full year (7/9/19 is the date my doctor diagnosed me with celiac disease.) I’m sure you’re thinking, “what a weird thing to celebrate,” but this has made such a positive impact on my everyday life! Not only do I feel so much better, but it has brought a greater awareness around how food, chemicals, and fragrances were harming my overall health. Now, I’ve made small adjustments to improve my mental, emotional and physical well being.

Another reason why August is a month of celebration for me is because it was the start of finding a community of supporters and friends who are interested in learning more about these types of things. I didn’t realize how lost I felt until reconnecting with an old friend who motivated me to dust off my Young Living oils and diffuse with the purpose of helping me heal my body after so many years of damage. It didn’t happen overnight, but over a short period of time I became genuinely interested in understanding how I could use these products to benefit my specific needs. If I’m being honest, it mainly developed from the frustration that came from the lack of clean GF products for our bodies that are currently available to the public.

It’s important to note my interests and the things I care deeply about consciously changed in a short amount of time and it is definitely apparent in the things I want to talk about, learn about and share about in real life just as much as on social media and my blog. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and for those friends I’ve lost along the way it’s okay! We all need to create and surround ourselves with the community that is going to provide us with the most authentic and long term happiness. If you’re still here, I thank you! If you end up leaving later on, I appreciate you for doing what’s best for you! Either way, I’m happy our paths have crossed and who knows, we may meet again.


If you’re currently reading this, then you’re obviously here for it now and there’s something important that I want to share with you, which is a giveaway! 8/1-8/31 I am running a promotion for you and a friend to each win matching lantern diffusers from Young Living. Rules are below (so keep reading!), which includes signing up for one of the Young Living premium starter kits to be entered to win. In addition, when you purchase a premium starter kit I always welcome you to your new oil journey with a gift of glass spray, roller and dropper bottles so you have everything you need to get started without spending another dollar. Winning a diffuser would be an added bonus!

If this post resonates with you even in the slightest and you’ve been needing that excuse to finally try it out for yourself, then I highly recommend sharing with a friend who you think would also be interested. (If your friend also signs up then you have another entry into winning the giveaway!) I promise it so much more fun going through life with a friend. Especially when exploring the diverse world of essential oils. One of my favorite things is talking about different diffuser recipes to try, and researching various DIY recipes for GF products and remedies (more posts here). Sharing the things that have worked for me and hearing from friends that it works for them too brings me so much joy!

Anywho, here’s what you can do to get started in 3 easy steps…

  1. Send this blog post to a friend! OR go to the Instagram post or the Facebook post to comment/tag a friend or DM there. 
  2. Pick out your favorite starter kit by putting your mouse over “Essential Oils” in the top menu bar and clicking on “Premium Starter Kits” in the drop down menu. (Don’t forget how easy it is to share a split kit with a friend too!)
  3. Last step it to go to oilwith.me/TFK to sign up for Essential Rewards (ER) and order your starter kit.

After that I’ll send you an email to confirm your order, your welcome gift and confirm how many entries or points you have into the contest! It’s that easy! Here’s a breakdown of how the points work. Each point is one entry into the giveaway…

  • 5 Points = if you purchase a starter kit (this is also how you are able to enter the contest)
  • 3 Points = if you refer a friend (this is extra, but if you are selected to win a diffuser then so does your friend! If you do not refer a friend then you will win one diffuser for yourself.)
  • 1 Point = if you comment by tagging a friend on my Instagram posts about this contest (you must also be following me and like the post, but each separate comment/tag is one point)


The items being offered for this month’s giveaway are TWO charcoal gray lantern diffusers from Young Living – one for you and one for your friend! The images in this blog post of the lantern diffusers are not mine as I wanted to make sure that the diffusers are brand new and have never been used when I deliver them to the winners. However, please note that the winning diffusers are both CHARCOAL GREY. Some photos feature the white lantern diffuser, but that is not one of the giveaway options. This diffuser is regularly retail priced at $111.51 each and is crafted with fine metal and glass. There are multiple diffuser settings along with 11 LED color light options including a candle-like flicker mode. Some addition things to note about the diffuser are (information is from the Young Living website):

  • Provides a perfect way to relax, dispel odors, and create an aroma-filled atmosphere of peace and harmony
  • Offers three run modes for a perfect customizable experience
  • Runs for approximately 5 hours continuously on High mode
  • Runs for approximately 8 hours continuously on Low mode
  • Runs for approximately 10 hours—1 minute on, 1 minute off—on Intermittent mode
  • Has 11 different light settings that can be turned off or on independent of diffuser function
  • Includes a romantic candle-like flicker mode
  • Includes a light cycle mode, so colors transition gently from one to another every 5 seconds
  • The giveaway diffusers do not Include a complimentary 5 ml Tangerine and 5 ml Peppermint essential oil like stated on the Young Living website.

One last tip I learned about this diffuser is actually from the Nesting Well Facebook page (an invite-only group of over 5,000 Young Living members). Another member said that although the diffuser is not cordless, she places this diffuser on a table outside and run the electric cord through the umbrella hole in her table to diffuse her essential oils to create a relaxing experience outside and/or to keep the bugs away. Brilliant idea!


Here’s a quick outline of a few giveaway rules. If I missed anything or left any room for questions, please message me or comment below!

  1. The giveaway runs from 12:01am PST on August 1st until 11:59pmPST on August 31st or until there are at least 10 people who have entered the giveaway. Giveaway can be extend through September depending on number of entries.
  2. One must purchase a Young Living Starter Kit of at least 100PV this includes Popular Premium Kits, Other Premium Kits, and Specialty Kits. This does not include the Basic Kit unless purchased with a product bundle. (To read more about my favorite starter kit offerings, click here.
  3. One must sign-up for Essential Rewards (ER), monthly rewards program, when purchasing their starter kit and using the starter kit purchase as their first ER order. Anyone who enters the contest by following these rules can cancel future ER orders after receiving their starter kit. Both steps 2 & 3 enter you into the contest with 5 points.
  4. If you are purchasing a starter kit, encourage a friend to join you in living a toxic-free lifestyle as well. Having a friend follow Step #2 & 3 will give you 3 additional points/entries and allow your friend entry into the contest with 5 points to win the Charcoal Gray Lantern Diffuser. (For more information about how I’m using essential oils to improve mine and my family’s health, click here. Remember, splitting the plant-based cleaner starter kit with the essential oils starter kit with a friend is the perfect way for you both to get the best of both worlds – more info here!)
  5. Giveaway is open to all U.S. residents and any country where Young Living is available. Shipping fees may be incurred if you live outside the continental U.S. or if you reside in another country.
  6. IMPORTANT FOR CURRENT YOUNG LIVING CUSTOMERS — If you have purchased a Young Living kit before, but are not currently on ER, you can still be entered into the giveaway! Please contact me directly to place an order of 100 PV or more and signing up for Essential Rewards.
  7. In case you have multiple friends who are interested in a starter kit, you will receive 3 points/entries into the giveaway based on each friend who signs up.


Follow these steps to purchase your starter kit and you’ll receive a welcome gift for free from me (valued at $25 or less)!

  1. Click the link oilwith.me/TFK
  2. Select your starter kit under “Step 1”, by clicking on “Popular Premium Kits”, “Other Premium Kits”, or “Specialty Kits” and check the box for the exact offering you want
  3. Under “Step 2: Essential Rewards Enrollment”,  select yes to the question of “Would you like to enroll in Essential Rewards and earn free products?” Young Living’s Essential Rewards (ER) program is a monthly auto-ship program that you can cancel at any time, but if you’re enrolled you earn rewards points with every 50 PV purchase you make each month. I highly recommend utilizing this program and replacing any toxic products in your household to now replenish through Young Living, like laundry detergent, vitamins, essential oil rollers, etc. There is a special gift (usually a free essential oil bottle) at sign-up and at certain milestones of your membership. You have the option to skip a month at any time or completely canceling the Essential Rewards (ER) auto-ship program before the next month’s order is placed.
  4. After clicking yes to the Essential Rewards sign up above, click yes again to “use your Premium Starter Kit (PSK) as your first Essential Rewards (ER) order.” This step is key and is easily missed! This will allow you to get that free monthly oil with this order and start earning points right away!
  5. Next, under “Step 3: Set Up Your Monthly Essential Rewards Order” you’ll select the best option for you under “Choose your Essential Rewards Kit”, by checking one of the three boxes. To make things simple, I would check the box for “Thieves Essential Rewards” to continue with my order and change this later. If you’d rather customize your next monthly order, you can do that by checking “Customize Your Kit”. By clicking that option, it will take you to a new page to select products that you’d be purchasing next month. Click Next when you’re done with this step. It will require you to select enough products that add up to 50 PV — Some oils that I recommend beyond this kit would be selecting purification, stress away, bergamot, ylang ylang, cedarwood, etc. in a 5 ml or a 15 ml bottle. Or if you’d like to switch more toxic products for Thieves non-toxic options, I highly recommend the dish soap, laundry detergent, fruit & veggie wash, etc.
  6. The next page is for “membership” information. Things to note here are that it will ask you for “Commission Processing Information”. Since you are becoming a member through the purchase of your Premium Starter Kit, you’ll receive wholesale pricing and the option to sell the products. If you’re not sure if you’d like to sell at this time, select the first option “Individual No social security number required.” 
  7. Another important area on the “membership” tab is the “Sponsor/Enroller Information”. Under both “Sponsor ID” and “Enroller ID”, enter the number 1604750. That number corresponds to my account, so when you make a purchase I’ll be notified. You’ll automatically receive member perks from me and be connected to my Young Living community for all of the recipes, tips and hacks!
  8. After that tab, you’ll fill out your “Shipping & Payment” info and finally you’ll “Checkout”. 


All new members who sign-up with a premium starter kit and activate their Essential Rewards membership with me will receive a free gift valued at $15-25. I’m happy to customize this gift to fit your needs and I have some examples saved to my Amazon Storefront Idea List called “Essential Oils – Accessories + Welcome Gifts“. I want you to receive a gift that gets you just as excited about your oils as I am about mine! Plus, I want to gift you something that you’ll actually use. Let me know if you don’t see something that accomplishes that for you and we’ll create a gift package together. Here are some welcome gift examples:

  1. I am happy to offer you a $25 credit to your Young Living account so that it makes it super easy to place your next order and try something else that doesn’t come in your kit.
  2. Small diffuser in case you already have a large diffuser (or win the Lantern Diffuser) and want a secondary one for your desk or on your nightstand. I have a secondary diffuser next to my bed that is small enough that I can smell it, but my husband does not. I also have an old diffuser in my office from the first premium starter kit that I purchased 6-years ago. Another diffuser I love was purchased at Target and it’s cordless, so I take it outside to keep the bugs away! You really cannot have too many diffusers.
  3. A variety of glass spray bottlesdropper bottles, and roller bottles so you can start making your favorite recipes along with a carrier oil of your choice.
  4. Essential oils book for how to use oils with babies/kids, pets or how to use essential oils in general.
  5. Hanging diffuser that you can use in your car, closet, etc. and/or a handmade oils travel case along with 10 ml roller bottles to fill it with. My favorite accessories are from BaggageandCo on Etsy!
  6. Or if you’d rather have the ingredients or supplies to make one of my other recipes that I’ve shared, please let me know that too!

Please comment, email, or DM me with any questions – or if you’re ready to sign up as a new member with a premium starter kit, wholesale pricing, and Essential Rewards, go to oilwith.me/TFK


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