Image above is of a Waffle Sandwich from Jewel’s Cafe 

At work, a couple of us got together and created a list of restaurants to support during these uncertain times based on our favorites around the Valley. Some of these are restaurants that I personally love and some I haven’t tried before, but I trust my friend’s recommendations. Either way I wanted to share here for you to take advantage of too.

I’d  like to shout out Jewel’s Cafe and DeFalco’s Italian Eatery and Grocery. Aaron and I go to Jewel’s Cafe regularly because it’s a dedicated gluten free kitchen that also has many vegan and dairy-free options too, however you would never know that they are catering to allergies because menu options and the taste of the food is amazing! I have not been back to DeFalco’s since going gluten free, but if you don’t have gluten allergies I highly suggest the pesto gnocchi, Italian sub and lasagna. 

We did not vet this list to see which restaurants are open during quarantine, so please check that on your own. In my Instagram story, I’ve outlined a few restaurants that are currently open during quarantine along with promotions that they’re offering right now. Let’s make sure these restaurants are still here when the world returns to normal! Each restaurant is linked below.



  • Jewel’s Cafe – best brunch and lunch that is GF, but you’d never know it

Coffee Shop:

  • Berdena’s – great coffee and pastries
  • Juice Core – super tasty and healthy smoothies, juice, and super foods (Mint Chip is my favorite smoothie from Juice Core)
  • Provision – for coffee; they have prickly pear coffee and other specialties

All Day Food:

Lunch and Dinner:



What additional restaurants would have made your list? Please comment below any of your favorites that I might have missed. I’d love to try them!


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