During the month of December, my favorite blogger girls and I got together for a fun holiday gift exchange and brunch. My very good friend Neyda (@trulyney) recently started working with Pomo Group as the marketing manager for all restaurants, so it was only fitting that we went to Pomo Pizzeria to try all of her favorite things on the menu. Thank goodness Neyda was with us because I would have no idea what to choose on the menu since they all sounded so yummy. Naturally all of the names of the food items are in Italian, but thankfully the descriptions are in English. Also, we had the pleasure of meeting the owner who  is born and raised in Italy and brought his culture and culinary experience to share with all of us in Arizona. This meal was the closest thing that I’ve had since traveling to Italy almost two years ago. >> View the full menu here!<<

Give me all the appetizers! I love trying a variety of new things and I have to say that the first appetizer that we tried was my absolute favorite. I also love anything sweet and savory, so this had my taste buds singing. The flat bread with honey item is the Focaccia di Recco, which is a focaccia flatbread with stracchino cheese instead and we added the local honey on top. The other item in the background of the photo is Heirloom Burrata, which contains Burrata di Buffala and it is one of my all time favorite cheeses along with a super fresh tomato sauce and some micro greens. 

The next two courses included pasta. The first one is Cappelleti in Brodo (above), which was a special while we were there. It’s a traditional  Italian meal served at Christmas lunch. It literally translates to “little hats” and is in a clear broth with meat inside and fresh parmesan grated on top. It tasted so fresh and light, especially for being a pasta that I felt like I could eat it all day. The second pasta offering was Gramigna Alla Salsiccia, which was curled strands of pasta with sausage and mushrooms, along with the flavor of onion, garlic, rosemary and a little heavy cream. It tasted just as good as it looked!

Even though I was filling up, I couldn’t leave without trying their authentic pizza, especially since that is what they’re known for! They have a few different types of pizzas too. They have Pizze Bianche, which has no tomato sauce (we did not try this.) Then a pizza style called Napoletana, which is talking about the bubbling crust like you see below. It is known for it’s leopard like spots on the crust from being cooked at such high temperatures. Overall, the pizza is  cooked quickly and at extremely high cooking temperatures and wIth the addition of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese produces a center that is often considered “wet” or “moist.” Pomo explains this on their website and says that this texture doesn’t mean that the pizza is undercooked, it’s actually the exact consistency they’re looking for and the exact consistency that I remember while in Italy. Below is the Margherita pizza Napoletana style and a little below that is the Inferno Rimini style, which is very spicy so you know I didn’t go near it, but Neyda said it’s her absolute favorite! Rimini style pizza is named after a location in Northern Italy where pizza is made with the dough rolled out extremely thin creating a crispy crust. This is the pizza that Neyda is holding on the wooden cutting board.


Pizza party special: Pomo Pizzeria will be offering $10 Margherita pizzas (Napoletana or Rimini style) on National Pizza Day — this Saturday, February 9th at all locations where $1 of every Margherita pizza will be donated to the Phoenix Children’s hospital.

It wouldn’t be a blogger event without our wonderful sponsors! Melissa arranged raffle gifts from Modern Mood Jewelry, Sugar Fairy Jewelry, and Alani & Renee. It also wouldn’t be a blogger brunch without lots of photos, videos and social media! Another activity that Melissa had planned for us, which was a huge fan favorite, was that she allowed us to blindly choose a name out of a jar of one of the girls at the brunch. We then wrote an anonymous note to the person we choose and put it back in the jar. We blindly choose a note and read it to the group. It was a really sweet way to share our love for one another and let each other know how much we care.

Finishing off the brunch was the Tortino for dessert. I’m a huge fan of molten lava cakes, but Aaron isn’t a dark chocolate fan like me. This dessert would be perfect for the two of us to share because its white chocolate lava cake with a creamy molten center. It comes served with vanilla gelato from their sister restaurant, Luna Gelateria, and a touch of raspberry sauce.

A big thank you to the hostesses who put the event on, Melissa and Neyda, and all of the women who I’m lucky  to have met through blogging and now call my close friends! Paloma, Kate, Meg, and Jacqueline.



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