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I’ve been dying to share some exciting news on The Foxy Kat. I was waiting till I had the product in hand before I told you about it. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Rodan + Fields skincare products. I have a couple of friends who work for Rodan + Fields and absolutely swear by the products and the company. I’ve heard so many stories from friends who tried a product for a specific skincare need and ended up joining the company to share their success story with others. Recently my friend, Tristin Nasser, reached out to me because she knows about my obsession with having long thick lashes. She received a sample of the new Rodan + Fields Lash Boost and is one of the many who is seeing results within a couple weeks.


If you’ve read a Mascara Monday blog post before (here, here, and here) on The Foxy Kat, then you know I’m a lash girl who is not afraid of piling on the mascara. I prefer mascara that gives the dramatic look with thick, dark, and long lashes. I have a lash brush, but I rarely ever use it. Last year I tried lash extensions for the first time and although they didn’t work out for me, I know a lot of people who swear by them. For me, I don’t have the patience or availability in my schedule to have reoccurring appointments to get fills for extensions. Once I skipped an appointment, I had to wait a couple months before they all fell off. I loved the way my lashes looked when I had them, but I guess you can say that I was too lazy for the up keep. I thought about Latisse, but it freaked me out when the warnings said that it could change the color of my blue eyes. My eyes are the same color as my dad’s, which are the same color as my grandpa’s and I would be devastated if I woke up one morning no longer resembling a look that I’ve carried with me for 31 years.

24bd465c-3570-4e88-a1c8-26564535b37eWhen Tristin reached out to me to give me a sneak peek into this breakthrough product that doesn’t change your eye color and doesn’t take hours out of your day, I couldn’t wait to try it. So, what is it? Rodan + Fields launched a nightly eyelash conditioning serum that you can use to create fuller, longer and darker eyelashes and/or brows that are also stronger and more flexible. Results happen within weeks and I’m excited for you to follow along to see how the product works for me. I’ll be using it on my eyelashes for the first couple of months and depending on the results, maybe I’ll test it on my eyebrows too. Based on other Rodan + Fields employees, it appears that the best results take place in 4-8 weeks, but some have seen results as soon as 2 weeks into the nightly regimen.

How does it work? Lash Boost uses Multi-Med Therapy to moisturize, nourish and protect lashes. Panthenol and Sodium Hyraluronate attract moisture to the lash, promoting flexibility and resilience. Biotin and Keratin infuse protein to help protect against future damage. Peptides provide nutrition to the lashes, enhancing durability and supporting a more voluminous appearance. Every night after you wash your face, you place the Lash Boost along the lash line like you’re putting on eyeliner. Less is more! Then, wait 90 seconds before putting on any other lotions or make-up. There is a warning that says, “for some, a mild tingling sensation or redness may occur, which normally disappears after continued use.” I will be sure to report if that happens to me. I have pretty sensitive skin, so we shall see. Watch the videos to learn more. Feel free to comment below or chat with me via social media if you have any questions.


Ordering Information

Tristin Nasser is offering The Foxy Kat readers a holiday special of $135 for Preferred Customers, which includes a 2-3 month supply of Lash Boost and a sample of multifunction mini eye-cream all in a cute cosmetic bag. Be sure to let her know that The Foxy Kat referred you!

Contact Information: Tristin Nasser | Website | Instagram | Facebook | | 813.245.5525

Quick Stats – LASH BOOST

Starting on Monday, November 28th, 2016

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  1. I have been using this since 11/3 & have had no results am I the only one?

    • Kat Reply

      Oh wow! I can’t believe it. I’m about a week and a half in and haven’t noticed anything yet, but I’ll have to check back in with you once I get to week 4. Have you been putting it directly on your eye lid along your lash line and waiting 90 seconds before applying any other lotions? Hopefully you notice something once you hit week 8! Let me know!

    • Been using it for 5 weeks and see nothing. My consultant keeps telling me it takes time and different people react differently.

      • Kat Reply

        Oh man, that’s crazy! I’m past the 4 week mark now and I definitely see a difference. I hope you start noticing something soon. Are you using it on your eyebrows too? I wonder if your eyebrows would work or if you just don’t react well to it. Are you taking before and after photos? I think those help to spot the progress even if it’s subtle.

    • I see no results either. Wondering if there is a money back guarantee.

      • Heather Leonard Reply

        There is a 60 day money back guarantee. Contact the consultant that sold it to you asap

  2. How are you getting on? Have you noticed any difference? I’m at the 2 week mark and think I might be starting to see a bit of a change….

    • Kat Reply

      That’s so funny that you asked because I just took my week 4 progress photos and I definitely see a difference. I’m realizing that I’ve always had some what longer lashes, but they seem to be fuller now too. I will be writing another blog post this week! I started noticing progress right at that 2 week mark. Did you take photos? If not, you should just so you can see the difference.

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  4. I’ve been using this product for 7 weeks now and all I can say is WOW! I’m a pretty big skeptic on things like this so I’m thrilled to say, this stuff works!!! My lashes are longer and fuller. I also used this on my eyebrows at the same time I started on my eyelashes, my eyebrows have definitely filled in more. For those who have sensitive skin like me, you may experience a bit of redness and soreness upon first using. I was concerned I would have to discontinue use but it went away within a week.

    • Kat Reply

      Thank you for sharing your results! It’s so crazy to me that some people aren’t having any luck since my progress was almost instantaneous at that 2 week mark. I can’t wait to get to week 8! I just started using it on my eyebrows too, but I haven’t noticed a difference since I have pretty full eyebrows as is.

    • Was it your eye that was red and sore or was it your eyelid? This is what I am afraid of. Was it very uncomfortable and visible and hurt the whole day?

      • Kat Reply

        Hi Jodi! For me my eye was never sore and never hurt. My eyelid at the lash line was a little pinkish, but nothing you could really tell. I never had issues with redness or hurting. Only slight itching when my skin was dry, but that only last at nighttime when I would put it on.

  5. Hope Bailey Reply

    I have been using this product for almost 8 weeks. I really could not see a difference until about the 5th or 6th week. My lashes look great!

  6. I am the consultant Tristin Nasser who got Kat hooked on this product! I have been using it for almost 9 weeks now and I am in love. My lashes are longer, fuller, and darker looking all with just one easy swipe at night. Not to mention, they are totally my own lashes and I don’t have to sit in a salon every few weeks or suffer the loss of my lashes as this product protects your lashes and moisturizes them. I am going to start using it on my eyebrows as well. Let me know if you want to try too! Message me and get a Foxy Kat reader special gift!

  7. Does anyone know what happens if you stop using it???? I’m. Aftraid to try for fear of my lashes never grow again.

    • Hi Sabrijna!

      If you stop using Lash Boost your lashes will eventually go back to their original length and fullness.

    • Kat Reply

      Hello! Madison is right. I stopped using it and my eyelashes slowly went back to normal. I’ll post photos of what they looked like after I stopped using it on my blog soon.

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  9. I have been using lash boost for about 8 weeks now. Seeing longer upper lashes most definitely. Lower lashes are slower. Started using lash boost on my eyebrows. Will write later when I noice the eyebrows getting fuller.

  10. I’m really interested in this product but was wondering what happens when you stop using it? Do your lashes go back to before you started using it? Do you have to keep applying forever?

    • Hi Karena!

      Lash Boost is like any other product or diet, or exercise. You have to be consistent and continue to use for desired results. Your lashes are being protected and moisturized while using Lash Boost so the benefits will be maintained while you use. After about 8 weeks (60 applications is recommended for best efficacy of product for visible results) you can judge if you want to start using every other night. As Kat mentioned she got her best results at 12 weeks so after 12 she used only 3 times a week to maintain her desired look. Hope that helps!

      Did you want to order and take advantage of the promotions!?

    • Hi. I used LB for almost 4 months with amazing results. But over time, my eyes became ore and more sensitive. Now I only use a few days a week. Sadly, my eye lashes are falling out by the truckloads. Tonight after washing my face (with an all natural, vegan gentle soap) I literally picked 7 off my face. I also am getting holes in lash line. I can only hope they’ll grow back. P

      • Kat Reply

        Hi Julie – oh no! That is terrible. Did they end up growing back? I haven’t heard about that happening until now? I had a friend who was getting Eyelash Extensions and her natural eyelashes couldn’t hold the weight of her extensions and they ended up falling out, but they grew back. I wonder if your eyelashes couldn’t handle getting longer and thicker? I’m not sure if that is possible.

  11. Yes, I’d like to know what happens if/when you stop using the products. Its likely too early to tell, since the product has only recently been released. I started mine today and also trying it on my eyebrows as well. Took BEFORE pix too. We’ll see…..

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Jodie! How did you like using Lash Boost? I hope you received great results! I have stopped using it and will post a photos of how my lashes look now. They went back to normal.

  12. I’m at week 6 and really don’t see much change. My lashes are a bit longer but look thinner! Which I didn’t want. I’m older so I think it just doesn’t work on us older women (50s) I’ll use it until it runs out, but won’t order more. I don’t want to pay so much for something that really doesn’t help me.
    I do like the eye cream, hoping I’ll see a different there in my next one month photo.

    • Keep consistent with use every night and you should see a big change at 8 weeks. Some ladies had only noticeable results at 8 or 10 weeks. It doesn’t matter how old you are. And the eye cream is amazing! Hope you like that!

  13. Does anyone know if this product has a permanent affect or do you need to continue using it forever and ever to have the results?

    • Hi!

      Lash Boost is like any other product or diet, or exercise. You have to be consistent and continue to use for desired results. Your lashes are being protected and moisturized while using Lash Boost so the benefits will be maintained while you use. After about 8 weeks (60 applications is recommended for best efficacy of product for visible results) you can judge if you want to start using every other night. As Kat mentioned she got her best results at 12 weeks so after 12 she used only 3 times a week to maintain her desired look. Hope that helps!

    • If you stop using it your lashes will eventually revert back to their original state as eye lashes go through a natural growth cycle.

    • Erinn Erker Reply

      To you last few ladies – nothing terrible happens if you stop using lash boost. It is enhancing your lashes as they move through the growth cycle, longer and fuller looking! When you stop using it they will slowly go back to your normal look. What I personally recommend is to do the 2 month treatment and then use a couple times a week after that – (but I’m STILL on my first tube and started in December! ) I have pics if you’d like an email!

  14. Hi! I used the product for the first time last night and my eyeballs are super red and irritated. I do wear contacts – do you think this matters? Thanks!

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Rachel – did the redness keep happening? I never got any redness, but I also don’t wear contacts. Are you putting it on your eyelid skin right above your lash line and wiping off the excess?

  15. Jennifer Hendricks Reply

    I started using this product in the beginning of February and I am seeing results. I am also getting red eyes. My eyes seem to be way more sensitive and dry. I was using it twice a day and when the red eyes got so bad that a co worker mentioned it. I stopped using it for a short time, maybe a day or two. I now only apply it in the morning, but the redness is happening again. I do have to admit that I use castor oil too. I apply that at night to my lashes and brows and hair. So I can’t completely attribute my lash boost only to the product. But I am very concerned about this redness. I really don’t want to stop using the product because I know it is working and I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience.

    • Definitely stop using the castor oil and see if that makes a difference first. Also, the ingredients in this are used to reduce eye pressure. Do it use it twice a day you need some pressure in your eyes or you will affect your vision permanently. If your eyes are still irritated when only using it once a day, switch to trying Revitalash. I have recommended it to people for years (I am an esthetician) and have never had clients report side effects. No eye discoloration, no darkening of the skin, no irritation.

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Jennifer – Did you take Alexis’ advice? Did the redness stop?

  16. I just started using this product two days ago and I have blood shot looking eyes . Does this go away if I continue using ? I’m tired of coworkers asking me about my red eyes .

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Morgan – did the redness stop? I never got any redness. Are you putting it on your eyelid skin right above your lash line and wiping off the excess?

  17. I have been using lash boost for one week and my eyes are very red. People think I have pink eye.

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Beverly – did the redness stop? I never got any redness. Are you putting it on your eyelid skin right above your lash line and wiping off the excess?

  18. I used every night for 4 weeks and my eye l8ds actually hurt. I think it did thicken my eye lashes but if I touched my eye lids after taking off my makeup then rub or touch my eye lid it would irritate them bad. Not eye just lid.

    • Kat Reply

      Oh no! That is terrible. Did this ever go away? I did not have this experience. Are you putting it on your eyelid skin right above your lash line and wiping off the excess?

  19. I started using Lash Boost the first of March and I have seen a nice improvement in the length of my lashes after 2 months of use. I am 62 and even though I have longer and thicker lashes, I haven’t had the results some have had. Overall I am happy with the results of this product. The only side effects I have had are dry eyes, which I had before and my eyelids feel stingy, like a little sunburn if I rub them. Neither one of these were uncomfortable enough for me to quit using. I plan to be a repeat purchaser!

    • Kat Reply

      I’m so glad to hear that you have had great results! Did the dry eyes and stinging ever go away?

  20. Kaitlin Rhyne Reply

    I am interested in using the Lash Boost, but like you I have blue eyes and am afraid of this product changing the color! Did you notice any change in the color of your eyes at all?

    • Kat Reply

      Hi! Thank you for your comment. I have blue eyes too and I would never use something that would risk my eye color changing. I did not have any issues with my eye color changing and I believe Rodan + Fields talks about how their product will not do that like other products too, i.e. Latisse.

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