IMG_3270The story of Simon: Exactly a year ago Simon, our dog-son, came into our lives. After the wedding planning was over in January 2014 I thought it was time to add a four legged family member to the Fox household. I grew up with a pound puppy name Misty, who we thought was either a Springer Spaniel, a Brittany or some mix of both. She was the best dog ever and completed my checklist of “man’s best friend”. She was smart, a good listener, loyal, obedient, patient (especially with kids), happy, playful, loving, had soft fur, liked to cuddle and loved to hike. I started looking at rescue sites, downloading the adoption app called BarkBuddy, going to pet adoption events, etc. I had a very challenging time finding a Brittany that would be the best fit for our family. Even on the Brittany rescue sites there weren’t as many dogs in the area and after talking with their foster parents I found out that our home wouldn’t be the best. Some of the Brittanys grew up with larger back yards, could jump 6-foot fences and/or have never been crate trained, so I stopped looking for a little while.

In early October 2014, Aaron saw an article on Facebook about how a Royals fan was holding a sign at the game saying “If we win, he’s buying me a puppy.” It was a Thursday night and U of A was playing Oregon with 0 odds of winning (I’m sure this stat is not entirely correct), so Aaron made the same bet (thinking there’s no way UA will win) and posted it on Facebook with the article of the Royals fan. That night Scooby Wright, the UA linebacker, did something unbelievable to help UA win the game (I’m not exactly sure what he did, but you can read about it on ESPN here.) I went to bed without thinking anything of it. I figured that we would start looking for pups again and hopefully find our new family member in the next six months or so. The next morning Aaron sent me a text with photos of Simon saying that he scheduled time for us to meet this adorable puppy on Saturday morning. The very next day we met Simon and it was love at first sight. He was the last one left in his litter, just waiting for us. My parents came with us on our exciting journey past the 303 (who knew there was a 303!), to PetSmart to get his necessities and back home to get acclimated. That night I went to Phoenix Fashion Week and Aaron stayed home with our newborn dog-son. It took us a while to come up with a name for him. We thought about naming him after the amazing game, but he didn’t look like a Scooby. Then he thought about a name that would play off of being a duck hunter (beating Oregon and that’s what his breed is known for), but nothing came to mind (I guess you could technically call him Uncle Si after The Duck Dynasty.) Aaron suggested Miles after his all time favorite UA basketball player Miles Simon, but the name didn’t capture his fun spirit. Then Aaron suggested Simon instead, which is the perfect name for our bow-tie wearing pretty little boy!

IMG_3325The Birthday Party: On July 17th Simon turned one year old, so on July 18th we had a birthday party for him and his best friends. He enjoyed pup-cakes from Four Dogs Bakery. Andy is a local baker who makes dog friendly cakes and she even delivered it the day of the party. He drank 3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer to wash it down and had 100% Natural Chillout treats for him and his friends. We found a new bowtie collar from Petco and a party hat from SewDoggyStyle on Etsy.

I was very excited to wear my new “Dog Hair Don’t Care” shirt from The Dog Party, which is a local company that specializes in throwing a dog party where you can bring dogs if you’d like. They have dog apparel and accessories that can be sold at the party as well. They even handle the invitations! I found them at the Pineapple Triangle‘s AZ Share That You Care event, which is a local market that helps bring local vendors to you for a community shopping experience and gives a portion of the proceeds to charity. The next event is Saturday, October 17th, find out more here.

IMG_3285Four Dogs Bakery: Facebook | Etsy

Desert Rain Brittanys: Facebook

The Dog Party: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Party Favors: 3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer100% Natural Chillout

SewDoggyStyle: Facebook | Etsy | Instagram | Website

Be you, bravely.

The Foxy Kat

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