Is Selling Your Home Stressing You out Because It Impacts More Than Just You? 

Almost a year ago Aaron and I started the process of wanting to sell our home. We knew there were a few minor renovations that we still wanted to do,  but hadn’t started on yet after the two big house renovations that we did. (Click here to see before and after photos of renovations that we did prior to selling our home.) When we purchased our home in 2012 we didn’t have any dogs, then we added Simon to the family and he went through two renovations with us. At this point in time, our second fur-son Murray was only a few months old, so the thought of starting a couple more renovations and listing our home to sell seemed like an impossible task.

Aaron and I were so worried about listing our home. We didn’t know how long it would take to sell and we were heading into the sweltering Arizona summer months. We were starting to worry about what we would do with our dogs during last minute showings while we were at work, especially since there are times that you find out about a showing an hour prior. Also, how would we keep our house clean enough to fool new buyers about the fact that two dogs currently live here too? I began to see dollar sizes in my mind with all of the money we’d be spending at our favorite doggie daycare and with our housecleaner.

Thankfully for us,  the stars were aligned when our house sold. We went out of town for a long weekend to attend my friend’s wedding in South Carolina. During that time we booked The Foxy Pups a guest room at FurBabies for the entire weekend, which we would have done any way, and arranged to have our house cleaned the day we left. During that time, our realtor planned for two open houses while we were gone. Thankfully our house sold during the open house because I don’t know how we would have been able to keep doing that. When we returned from our vacation, Aaron’s father passed away and I know we wouldn’t have been able to handle the additional stress of selling a house on top of everything we were going through at that time. 

Our story is completely rare and usually unheard of. During the same time I had a friend who was also selling her home just down the street from us. She told me that she had half a dozen open houses and the entire selling process of her house took nearly 6 months. Not only did her and her husband have a dog, they also had a toddler and were expecting another baby on the way. Unfortunately it sounds like this is more like reality, but there are real estate tech experts out there like Brian Bair who founded Offerpad with his business partner Jerry Coleman. The two Realtors have been working together for a decade and Offerpad got its start in 2015 based on their unique insight into what homeowners and the on-demand consumer wants. As a company, they remove the pain points and uncertainty involved with buying and selling a home. Using their services would completely remove the stress and worry about selling your home, last minute showings, and allow you to have peace of mind. Continue reading about Offerpad below and click here for more information.

Prior to Aaron and I listing our house for sale, we reached out to our network to tell them about our plans and see if anyone would be interested in buying our house privately. Well, that didn’t work for us, but it sounds like that is exactly what Offerpad is offering to their customers plus additional perks. Essentially how it works, is that as a seller you fill out a 5-minute questionnaire, which allows Offerpad to put an offer on your home (click here to request an offer.) From there you don’t have to worry about a single renovation or a single showing to new potential buyers. If you have kids or pets, you wouldn’t have to displace them or their belongings that happen to be scattered around the house (at least in my experience with The Foxy Pups and all of their bones!) You also get to pick your closing date based on when it’s convenient for you and Offerpad pays for your local move. It’s a win-win for everyone! Here’s the link to start the process with a simple 5-minute questionnaire… click here!

Photography by Alyssa Ryan of Alyssa Ryan Photography@alyssaryanphotography.
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