I’ve been a big fan of the Trina Turk brand for some time now. I’ve always been very attracted to the bright colors and bold prints. I remember getting to a point in my career when I could finally afford a Trina Turk top (although I had been aware of the clothing brand for sometime before that.) I felt more myself than ever when I wore it. I felt special and loved how the top made me stand out, which essentially gave me confidence too. Scroll to the bottom of the blog post to see a photo of me wearing the top that I’m talking about. The photo was taken on my honeymoon in January 2014, although I had already had the top for about 3 years. If memory serves me right, I believe I purchased this top in 2011.

This blog post is my sincere thank you to Trina for attributing to my relationship with fashion. For me, fashion is so much more than “throwing clothes on”, it is an emotional experience that is tied into memories as well. Even more so, fashion is a form of communication of how I want the world to perceive me through my own self expression and through the story that I’m creating. Fashion and fashion designers like Trina have inspired me, given me hope and allowed me to create my own creative outlet through thefoxykat.com. Having the chance to connect with Trina meant so much to me and I am very grateful, honored and appreciative to of had this opportunity. 

Before jumping into the interview with Trina, I wanted to talk a little bit about what I’m wearing in the photos. I handpicked the Gaige Top and Rico Skirt from the Trina Turk boutique at Scottsdale Fashion Square. I love the rich fall colors and the unique floral and bird print. It gives me a late 1960’s/early 1970’s vibe that I am so drawn to. I wanted to represent that time period with stick straight hair, velvet boots and the retro background of the historical Mountain Shadows resort. 

I love wearing a head to toe look in matching print, but the beauty of these two pieces is that it looks like a dress when worn together, but can easily be separated to create two more completely unique looks. Take a look at my attempt of adding my own flair to create longevity of these pieces.

Although Trina is most known for her swimsuits and bold colors for summer, I have to say that my new favorite is her fall wardrobe. The range of clothing styles and print styles is really intriguing and might surprise you! Check out my favorite Trina items that are currently in stores and linked below. Of course I picked a few swimsuits, but you will also find an incredible plaid pant, a velvet printed top, and the perfect LBD too!

Please continue reading for a TFK interview with Trina Turk…

The Foxy Kat (TFK): What were your pillars of inspiration when creating the Fall 2019 collection?

Trina Turk (TT): Our theme for Fall 2019 is “Wine Country”.  We were inspired by the lush landscape and autumnal hues of California’s vineyard valleys.

TFK: What pieces in the Fall 2019 collection do you feel represent your initial inspiration the most?

TT: I love our Melange Scarf print in a standout handkerchief hemline dress (TD197103).  The slip dress styling makes it perfect to wear now when it’s warm and into the fall with a cardigan thrown over for a cozy layered look. 

TFK: What is your design process when putting together a seasonal collection and creating a cohesive annual line?

TT: We start with a theme, a print, and/or a color palette and build the collection around those 3 touchstones.  We do 11 distinct deliveries per year, so the goal is to put together a mix of fabrications, prints, colors and styles that work seamlessly together. Making decisions, and not second-guessing yourself is important or you’ll never meet the deadlines! 

TFK: How involved is your team during the inception and conceptualization phases when creating a collection? I’m curious to know if this process is a team effort or if this is something you work on through a more individual/solo process. 

TT: It depends on the collection,  It can work either way.  Because we do so many collections per year, we are definitely open to all ideas since we need a lot of creativity to make it happen!  We always ask the questions: would you wear this?  do you love it? is it on brand?  and that helps us make creative choices that make sense for Trina Turk.

TFK: What is your favorite part of creating a new collection? 

TT: I love selecting the textiles, the prints and the colors.  I love the styling and all the details too—but the print and color comes first.

Printed top and shirt from: Trina Turk

Photography by: Claire Planeta Photography

Location: Mountain Shadows Resort 

Hair & Makeup by: ME!


Photo on the right is me wearing my first Trina Turk top while on my honeymoon in Ixtapa on 1.17.14. The photo is taken by Aaron on our final night.




    • Kat Reply

      Thanks Christine! I always viewed Trina’s prints as super summery, but she proved me wrong with this fall print.

    • Kat Reply

      Thanks so much! It’s so fun to look back sometimes 🙂

  1. Trina’s great! My sister used to work for her and growing up in LA, I visited her factory and got to see how she worked as we had friends in common. An LA success story!

    • Kat Reply

      No way! That is such a cool connection! I would love to see her factory, what an awesome experience!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! That dress was made for you. So good! And I love this whole piece and the interview – so much fun! And I love Mountain Shadows, too – I love right down the street 🙂

    • Kat Reply

      Thanks so much! Oh no way – we’re almost neighbors. I live just south east of the resort.

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