Growing up I most definitely had a gap between my two front teeth. I hated it so much that I begged my parents for braces. Finally my wish was granted and the timing was perfect – freshman year of high school. Can you sense my sarcasm? What was supposed to be a short 9-month process turned into 3 years and my braces came off the first week of senior year, which actually was perfectly timed for senior photos!

I always thought that because I got braces later in life (compared to Elementary or Middle School), I was fortunate because I was more responsible and could properly take care of my teeth. I did a great job wearing my retainer at night until Simon took them off my night stand about 4-years ago and ate them as a morning snack. Although I was even older than when I originally got my braces and of course more mature (slightly sarcastic there too), I let time get away from me and unfortunately my top and bottom teeth both shifted, which impacted my bite. Side note: I also had a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth at some point, but never my top teeth. I bit into something that caused it to completely break off, which was not a fun process!

I always wanted to do Invisalign to straighten those bad boys out, but it wasn’t covered by insurance and was going to cost over $1,000 out of pocket, not including all of the dentist appointments too. Aaron recommended that I schedule an appointment with his orthodontist, Dr. Frost, that both him and his sister went to for braces in their mid-twenties. I didn’t have the best experience with my orthodontist, so I didn’t understand the appeal in going to another orthodontist that is 30-minutes away from me when my dentist was walking distance from my home. It wasn’t until I started talking about this with friends and family that I realized more of my friends went to Dr. Frost as well and he’s actually famous. Famous orthodontist in Mesa, AZ… what? Is that even a thing?! Apparently it is!

PS. This isn't an AD, I just had an incredible experience with Dr. Frost and I hope that if you're reading this and decide to book an appointment with Dr. Frost that you'd let them know that I referred you!

After photos by Alyssa Ryan Photography @alyssaryanphotography

– DR FROST – Before I share my experience, I’d love to share some incredible things about Dr. Frost that I learned while doing my research. Dr. Frost has be at the top of his industry for over two decades (about 2/3rds of my life), but he’s actually been immersed in dentistry his whole life thanks to this traditional career path for the Frost family (his daughter works at his orthodontist office too.) When he experienced braces as a teenager is when he knew what his career path would be. I’m not going to list out where he went to school and his top of the line fellowships, etc. because you can read about that on his website here, but just know that since he’s graduated from his schooling he has become a speaker, presenter and lecturer on the future of orthodontics, he’s an Associate Professor, consultant advisor, has received multiple awards for the emerging technology and progressive techniques that he’s done. Also, he’s the author of a book called “The Artist Orthodontist” – serious life goals! I don’t know much about this part of his career, but when I was scheduling an appointment I remember the receptionist mentioning that Dr. Frost was out of the office for a week to continue his work in teeth health in 3rd world countries. Pretty much, my sister-in-law sums it up in a very visual way by saying and I quote, “I would eat shit if Dr. Frost told me to.” LOL – She’s basically saying that he’s highly intelligent and trusts his recommendations. Don’t worry, she wouldn’t actually eat feces, but I think it’s a funny example of how trusted and respected he is by not only his customers, but the entire orthodontics and dentistry community.

Before photos by Kate Nelle Photography @kate_nelle

Once I did the math and figured out that it costs only $33.33 a week over the course of the 3-month process, which is way less than Aaron and I spend in eating out a week, I was sold!


I eventually broke down and made a call to Dr. Frost’s office to set up an appointment. I scheduled it for the earliest availability so that I wouldn’t be too late to work not thinking much about it, and ended up talking about my experience all day at work that my co-worker scheduled an appointment for not only herself, but her fiancé too! Walking in through the doors was like finding a hidden oasis. The design aesthetic was so modern, clean and open. There are full body massage chairs that you can enjoy while you wait for your appointment, an ice cream freezer, fresh baked cookies, Frost Orthodontics swag to purchase, an assortment of snacks and drinks. I was blown away. Everyone who works there is so extremely kind, patient and friendly. Being around everyone seriously made me consider a career in orthodontics. You can usually see the stress building up at the receptionists desk between phone calls and customers, but if they were stressed I couldn’t tell at all. When I was taken back to the open area for customer appointments, I noticed that it was one big open area with the best pop music playing. Dr. Frost was able to go from chair to chair for check-ups and to help answer questions as necessary, rather than the customer sitting and waiting for what feels like forever just for that 60-second check-up. Another thing I noticed was that everyone either had perfect teeth or they were in the process. 

Here’s the deal… like I mentioned I had already gone through braces. I didn’t have a ton of work that needed to be done, but I was unhappy with how my teeth had shifted, the mis-matched length of my two front teeth from having chipped one of them, and just the overall shape in general because the teeth next to my two front teeth are actually very small and have caps on them to fill in the gaps I once had. (I didn’t think to take before photos, but you can see in the top image just above what I’m talking about. The after photos are above that.) Dr. Frost had a program called Retainers For Life when I signed up for his services. (I need to note that this was 2-years ago, so please call ahead in case his offerings have changed since my treatment.) His office makes the retainers in house, and provides the molds to his customers. If you happen to lose your retainer or your dog decides to eat them, you can get replacement retainers made for you at no additional cost for life. I don’t understand how they’re making money, but I’m not going to question their business model! I knew I definitely wanted this, but I also wanted my teeth straightened out, so Dr. Frost was able to create retainers for me with my teeth as is and would create “dimples” in the retainer (that isn’t actually visible to anyone when you wear the retainers) that move the teeth back in place! Once my teeth were where we wanted them, then he created new retainers for the Retainers For Life program. This entire process plus the Retainers For Life cost me less than 1/4th of what Invisalign was going to cost me – $400!! Since this was two years ago, so perhaps the cost of the program has changed, but just know that it’s not as expensive as you might think. Plus, I didn’t have to pay for each visit, it was covered in that cost, and I paid in two payments. Once I did the math and figured out that it only costs $33.33 a week over the course of the 3-month process, which is way less than Aaron and I spend in eating out a week, I was sold! The worst part about this whole process is that I had to wear my retainers all day everyday for about 3 months. The reason was mainly because I went to Europe for a few weeks and a few other vacations that made my schedule less available for scheduling. If you have more involved orthodontics that needs to be done, they do offer Invisalign too and that is actually what my co-worker ended up doing. Her finance had traditional braces. Both ended up with gorgeous smiles in time for their wedding!

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The images above are my molds and retainers. It’s kinda crazy to be able to hold a mold of the exact placement of your teeth and be able to examine them so closely. If you couldn’t tell by what I’ve already shared with you, I highly recommend working with Dr. Frost on all of your orthodontics needs. Below is his information so that you can schedule your appointment. Please remember to share that Katrina Fox recommended you and that you read about their services on!

Frost Orthodontics | Dr. Stuart L. Frost, DDS | 5058 E Southern Ave #101, Mesa, AZ 85206 

(480) 325-7500 | Website | Instagram |

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– Before / After Testimonials –

Here is an Instagram post that Frost Orthodontics shared of my sister-in-law’s before and after braces experience! Swipe through the photos in the post to see more. They share a lot of great before and after transformations at @frostsmiles.



  1. I’m in the middle of my Invisalign process and I’m so glad I did it. You look great Kat! Thanks for sharing your story

    • Kat Reply

      Thanks love! That’s so awesome that you’re half way there! You are going to feel like a new person by the end of it. Congrats! That is so exciting 🙂

    • Kat Reply

      No problem at all! I know – it was a shock to me too! I was fully expecting thousands of dollars especially since insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic.

  2. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for so long! I wore my retainers religiously, but after I got my wisdom teeth out I didn’t wear them for like 3 months and then they stopped fitting and I’m so upset that my teeth shifted. Your teeth look so great, btw!

    • Kat Reply

      Thank you so much! Oh man – that’s such a bummer! You should definitely look into it sooner than later before your teeth shift more. There are versions offered online too. I wonder if Dr. Frost offers something online in case you’re not in the area. It never hurts to ask!

  3. True. Smiles are so underrated. I think it changes every face when they are better. So I definitely agree with this. Treat it as an investment

    • Kat Reply

      Yes, that is such a great way to think about it! I agree – a person’s smile is the first thing I notice.

    • Kat Reply

      No problem at all! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my experience.

  4. I have been seriously considering something like this. Thanks for the info! I am definitley going to look into it.

    • Kat Reply

      I’m so glad to hear that. Let me know what you find out!

  5. I had no idea this option was available for persons who are looking for an affordable way to correct their teeth. I’ll have to look into this some more.

    • Kat Reply

      I didn’t either! I’m glad I was able to inform someone!

    • Kat Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it.

  6. I’ve often thought about invisalign. I have a slight gap. I wonder if what you mention would work for me. Something to check into I guess at some point.

    • Kat Reply

      I wonder if it would too. It seems like it would work great. Let me know if you end up looking into it and having success!

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