Galentines Day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of wine, in the tub with a bath bomb?! If you’re thinking of creating a little something for the gals in your life, keep reading for the super simple recipe using Young Living essential oils. Disclaimer: I did not make these bath bombs myself! My friend Courtney at @anessentialmotherhood made them and gave them as take home gifts at the Galentines Day party we had recently. If you missed the blog post outlining how to throw your own Galentines Day party, click here. But, she gave me all of the info that I’m including below!

Follow the recipe below to make about 10-12 individual bath bombs. Courtney purchased a heart shaped mold and placed them in cute bags to share. The recipe that Courtney followed is actually from Brooke at @nestingwell, who is such a great mentor as I’m learning more and more about how beneficial essential oils are to living a natural lifestyle. If you haven’t read why I’m choosing to incorporate essential oils from Young Living into my daily routine and make my own beauty and household products, click here to read the full blog post

As you are deciding which essential oils to use in your bath bomb, keep in mind that the beauty of creating your own bath bombs is that you can get creative and use whatever you want! For this recipe, eight drops of sensation, bergamot and grapefruit were used (24 drops total). Brooke’s recipe only used 8 drops total, four of lavender and four of lime. It really depends on how strong you want the bath bombs to be.

The DIY items that my galentines and I made at our party were an essential oil sugar scrub and a “love potion” linen spray. If you’re looking to start your essential oils journey, I highly recommend investing in a starter kit with a diffuser, but if you only need a bottle here and there, feel free to shop my unopened supply of essential oils bottles on Poshmark.


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