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Whether you’re walking down the aisle or sitting in the pews, I have you covered. Fancy jewelry is not just for the bride anymore, but you’ll want to be sure that you wear it appropriately. In honor of my six month anniversary, I am covering how to get the most of your jewelry post-wedding and the best styles worn by guests.

It wasn’t very long ago that I was stressing out about which earrings would look best with my dress, hair style, wedding theme, face shape, etc., and of course they must be in my budget as well. Then came the decisions of a bracelet, on one hand or two, stacked or single, dainty or bangle. As a bride there are so many decisions. Decisions that no one will notice, but you! And my dear, those are the most important ones.

For my wedding, I knew that with my sweetheart neckline and beaded belt, I would need to stay away from a necklace. as it would be too distracting and over power the small decolletage space I have. Instead I went with vintage inspired (our wedding theme) chandelier earrings. In real life, I always wear necklaces and I never wear large earrings. This was my one day to stand out and feel as dressed up as I wanted. I should add that I never wear my hair up (again, in real life), so wearing it up for my wedding made me feel extra special.

For the earrings (above), I went with Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz. Ben-Amun jewelry is perfect if you’re looking for an exquisite, statement piece that is handmade and one of a kind. His wearable art has a vintage yet geometric feel and symbolizing just that in one piece is an art form. Additional Ben-Amun pieces below:











The bracelet I wore (above) is from Azaara Vintage designs. I was looking for something delicate, as to not over power myself with jewels, but to compliment the overall look. I was very pleased to find a bracelet that had clear Swarovski crystals and Montana Blue crystals for my something blue. Additional styles below-left:

On the left is a flower bangle bracelet by Azaara Vintage designs with Swarovski crystal, for purchase here. On the right are criss cross, pointed teardrop earrings by Azaara Vintage designs with Swarovski crystal, for purchase here. The best way to wear wedding jewelry after the wedding is cautiously. If it is a statement earring or necklace, wear your hair down, half up or in a low updo as to not draw too much attention to your jewelry. The best part is that after your wedding, you can now wear the jewelry to any event you like. There is no need to wait until the wedding anymore. Feel free to wear your special occasion jewelry to a bridal shower, couples shower, rehearsal dinner, etc. A couple options shown below:

IMG_0469IMG_5108IMG_0735IMG_4684 If you don’t have pieces like these in your armoire and don’t feel like spending “bride prices”, there are many styles that you can make a smaller investment for. Kendra Scott is the perfect jewelry designer for any special occasion. The best part is that after the event, you can transition these into day wear. They are fun pieces to wear to the office that are professional, yet still allow you to express yourself. As a guest you have the freedom to choose the dress you want, the jewelry, the shoes, the color combinations… so have fun, dress for the season and choose something that you’ll actually wear again!

kendra-scott-danielle-earrings-ivory-pearlKendra Scott Joey Earrings, Purple Jade and Gold, StudsKendra Scott, 'Rayne' Necklace, Pyrite Stone

Danielle earring in white pearl featured above (far left) is a great option for a summer wedding. The color compliments most color combinations and gives an airy, carefree feeling without over powering the look, for purchase here. If the Danielle earring is too big, try her little sister Elle (featured below). If Elle is still too big, go for a colorful stud like Joey (above, center), for purchase here. Depending on the neckline, wearing a necklace is still acceptable with these earrings. Another option is wearing a slightly larger stud, like the turquoise pave oval studs below (center). Hands down my favorite necklace right now is the Rayne style (above, far right). Through Kendra Scott’s Color Bar you can create silver or gold and choose from dozens of different stones. The featured item is silver with a pyrite stone in the middle (currently not featured through Color Bar online, custom made and for purchase here). It is the perfect length to elongate any look, especially with the added length from the tassel. If you’re looking for a shorter version, my favorite is the Rebecca statement necklace in white, black cat’s eye (below) or iridescent (featured here). These colors are perfect to add some sparkle, but to not take away from you or the overall ensemble. Happy Jewelry Shopping!









Peace, Love & Kendra Scott,

The Foxy Kat

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