Towards the end of 2017, Aaron and I explored our gorgeous town a little more. We decided to spend the greater part of the weekend at a historical resort that is down the street from our house. I’ve probably driven past Royal Palms Resort a million times and hadn’t actually seen the breathtaking property. From the first turn into the resort with the skyscraper palm tree lined drive to the beautiful Spanish style casitas, we enjoyed learning the history behind the resort and feeling like we were far from home. We even brought Simon with us! (Don’t worry, we didn’t leave Murray at home. He actually wasn’t born yet!)

Starting the weekend, Aaron and I enjoyed a cabana by the pool with a relaxing day bed and cocktails. The pool is a nice size for the residents and has a hot tub too. Following our swim, we freshened up in our cute casita, which felt like a little guest house instead of a hotel room. There are winding sidewalks between each room and some even had private porches or shared patios. You can easily get lost looking for your room, so be sure you have your room number written down! Then, we went to dinner at T. Cooks, where we split delicious rosemary bread with pesto and I had a glass of Cabernet. Aaron had his typical choice for dinner, a filet and mashed potatoes, while I tried a fish called turbot and it came with eggplant, truffle gnocchi, spinach and white mushroom cream. I tried Aaron’s dinner and both his and mine were mouthwatering. I couldn’t help myself, so I ordered a side of the Mediterranean spiced Brussels sprouts, which I ended up taking home for later, and we finished with two desserts. My choice was a creme fraiche honey cake with lavender gelato and Aaron’s was the bread pudding, and although neither had chocolate, I would love to go back for seconds! 

The next morning we ended up heading home kind of early. Since our room was on a main walkway, Simon was going crazy with every noise he heard. Aaron is such a light sleeper so he was woken up pretty early. I ended up sneaking out to take Simon on a “walk,” but instead took Simon home so that Aaron had some peace and quiet to sleep a little longer. Since it’s less than a 10-minute drive home I put him in his kennel and headed back to the hotel for a late morning nap. By that point, Aaron was pretty awake so we decided to check out and grab some breakfast at one of our favorite spots in Old Town Scottsdale. 

Overall the location was simply gorgeous and so rich with history. There were many different gardens and areas to explore and we saw a few different weddings taking place on the property throughout our stay. If you want the “out of town” feeling without leaving Scottsdale, I highly suggest looking into a staycation here. If you’re coming from out of town and want to have a relaxing weekend without needing to leave the resort this is also the perfect spot for you! Royal Palms Resort is one of the most celebrated and luxurious historic resorts in the Valley. It’s also consistently voted among the most romantic hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure. The property is so unique from any other resort in Arizona and a beautiful place to shoot… it was build as a private mansion in the early 1900’s. Aaron and I loved reading the history wall and learning about this cozy place. Since it was built in the 1900’s and it has Spanish influence in the architecture, it feels much different than the typical resorts in Arizona.



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