A big motivator for me to get my butt in the gym is feeling cute when I work out. Feeling cute is usually based on the clothes I wear being fashionable, but also having a great fit so that I can move around without being uncomfortable or worrying about things hanging out or showing as I’m moving around. Plus, having proper footwear is huge for making sure that your feet and legs feel good. What shoes you wear can totally depend on the workout you’re doing. For example, the shoes displayed here I would never wear to go running, but I might wear after a spin class or to go on a walk. There’s also the social aspect to working out as well. I love going to the gym with friends and getting coffee or brunch afterwards. 

Another aspect of feeling good while working out is having makeup on or your hair done. Personally, I don’t love to workout with makeup on. I will forget that I have it on and if I sweat I end up smearing it across my face, but I know that wearing makeup can be very important to some people so it’s important to use makeup that is sweat proof and wash your face as soon as you can afterwards.

An easy way to dress up a workout would be to do your hair differently. I tend to always wear braids when I workout because it seems to be the only look that will prevent my hair from going all over the place. I used to wear high pony tails or buns, but noticed that I started getting breakage. Make sure you invest in hair ties that aren’t hard on your hair.

Lastly, if I’m doing something after a workout, like brunch, I might bring a necklace or an accessory to dress up my look. It’s something that is so simple, but can take elevate your outfit to that next level for the polished athleisure look.

Some of my favorite places to shop for workout clothes are below. 

Lululemon: This will always top the list for my favorite workout clothing store. There is something about the quality and fit of the clothes that makes the price extremely reasonable for me. I resisted the store for so long and eventually caved in about 6-7 years ago when a friend gifted me a shirt. I didn’t think I could afford anything in the store, but that was before I discovered the sales rack! At this point I know my size and what clothing items fit me best, but in the beginning I went a little crazy purchasing items from the sales rack and then figuring out that they weren’t the best items for me. Thankfully, Lululemon holds it’s value because I was able to sell all of these items on Poshmark or eBay for a decent price.

If you’re new to Lululemon, I would suggest making a list of what you really need – if it’s workout bottoms, go to the store and talk to a sales associate about the different styles they carry and try on the full priced styes that interest you. If you like high-waist and/or cropped length, start there. Talk to the associate about the exercises you do. They will know what styles of clothes are made for what exercises. If you take the pants home and don’t love them, you can return them with tags attached. Keep in mind sale items are final sale.

Boutique Gyms: When I’m waiting for a class to start or if I have time as I’m leaving a class, I always look through the clothes that are for sale. The best part is that most boutique gyms will offer sales for every holiday and will send you a discount for your birthday. Since their retail space is smaller they’re usually trying to turn their merchandise fairly quickly, which results in regular sales for you!

My favorite boutique gyms in Arizona are Barre3, Modern Yoga, CorePower, and The Madison. I also love shopping at Soul Cycle when I’m in a city that offers it.


Fashion styling and modeling by Katrina Fox of The Foxy Kat and TFK Styling, thefoxykat.com@thefoxykat1

Photography by Alyssa Ryan of Alyssa Ryan Photography@alyssaryanphotography

Jewelry courtesy of ENJI Studio Jewelry, @enji_studio_jewelry

Makeup by Leiah of The Sparkle Bar, @thesparklebar

Hair by Selena of Gossamer Salon@gossamersalon

Location at Mountain Shadows Resort, @mountainshadowsaz 



  1. I love super cute workout wear! I miss my kind of workout lol. I need to look to see if any dance studios have opened up in my area. So many have closed in the last few years

    • Kat Reply

      I just saw on The Madison Improvement Club’s class schedule that they have Buti Yoga, which is like a tribal dance yoga. There’s a class on Monday if you want to go with me 🙂

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