Ever since my college days at the University of Arizona (U of A), I’ve been a big fan of the mis-matching bikinis. There’s a large population of out-of-state students from California who come to U of A and have grown up on the beach their whole lives. I learned from the beach regulars how to wear a top and bottom from two completely different bikini sets and still make it look good back in 2003.

Now, it’s more common to find a bikini set that isn’t matchy-matchy, but has a similar color story on the top and bottom. The swim suit that I’m wearing here has a mix ‘n match feel with a lemon pattern on the bottoms, which continues into the strings on the top, but the triangle top is actually the blue/teal color that is in the pattern. For me, I think it’s super flattering to have a print on either the top or the bottoms (depending on what area you’re trying to accentuate) and slim down the other area with a solid color.

Another great thing about this trend is that you can buy bikini pieces individually, so if you find a pair of hot pink bottoms that you absolutely love, but want to mix it up with two different tops, then it will actually feel like you have a greater amount of bikini’s without having to purchase multiple sets. My favorite place to do this at is Victoria’s Secret Pink and Target. Their swimwear is so reasonably priced that you can buy multiple pieces under the price that a set would normally cost. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this trend! Feel free to comment below and DM me on Instagram. Before stores started selling individual pieces or mis-matched / mix ‘n match sets, would you mix up your sets to create a mis-match look on purpose? That was definitely the trend in my college days with my Cali friends! I went ahead and linked a brand new swimsuit below from Cupshe that portrays the mis-match trend spot on! I love how the bottoms are primarily blue, but the top brings out the small amount of orange details in the floral pattern to create a colorful and bold look. Click on this link or the image below to view this listing in my Poshmark closet for purchase. My Poshmark closet handle is @klbloom if you want to follow me.

Photography: Auric Photography, @kay_baconauricphotography.com.
Makeup: Erica Mendoza, @ericamendoza.coericamendoza.co
Hair: Lauren Wohlin, @l.a.dub; S & L Trends, @sandltrends.
Location: Royal Palms Resort & Spa, @royalpalmshotelroyalpalmshotel.com.
Swimsuit Set: BodyZone Swim, @bodyzoneswim.

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