If you’re interested in joining me for a private class at the brand new LA Fitness in Gilbert, please click here! You do not need to be a LA Fitness member. You’ll receive the same workout that I describe below, plus we’ll have water bottles and snacks! Please wear workout-friendly gear, bring a towel, and water. There is limited bag storage in the workout room, so please be mindful of this. The workout starts promptly at 9:30am, so please arrive 10-15 minutes early for check-in, heart monitor set-up, warm-up, photos, etc. Can’t wait to see you there!

At the beginning of February, I joined LA Fitness for their brand new High Intensity Interval Training group fitness class called HIIT by LAF. It’s a high-tech and high-energy workout that is great for all fitness levels and fitness goals because you get to set your own pace! The actual workout is led by a certified fitness coach who is not only a fitness coach with a background in personal training/group fitness, but a coach who is highly-skilled, motivated and knowledgable to lead this type of class.

Our class was a special grand opening and preview to this new workout offering. We were at the LA Fitness location on 3301 E Bell Road in Phoenix (map), which is the second location in the nation with this new workout. The second LA Fitness location in Arizona to offer HIIT by LAF is the brand new Gilbert location on 1310 S. Higley Road, Gilbert, AZ 85296 (map) at Higley and the 202 – this is where my private workout event will be held on Sunday, March 31st (to sign up, click here!)

Upon getting to the event, I was given a complimentary lock for the lockers, I received a HIIT by LAF sweat towel and water bottle and I got to meet the Phoenix Suns dancers! The most important part to prepping for this workout is that your instructor sets you up with an optional heart rate monitor. 

The biggest difference between this workout and any other group fitness class is that HIIT by LAF incorporates MYZONE, an innovative heart rate-based system that accurately and conveniently monitors physical activity. It monitors your heart rate, calories, and time exercising, and converts it into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort. The heart rate monitor and machine does all of the work for you. With your height and weight stats, the heart rate training zones are a range of values expressed as percentages of maximum heart rate. HIIT by LAF incorporates 5 heart rate training zones, which are indicated by different colors, different heart rate percentage range, a zone description, and a target for how much time you should be in each zone in order to get the best work out. 

If you follow the guidelines given by the instructor not only will you maximize endurance, calorie burn and fat loss, but you’ll experience calorie burn and fat loss throughout your day after you stop the workout!

Let’s talk about the actual workout! The instructor broke up our group into two smaller groups. My group started on the treadmills first for a warm up, then went to the weight benches for a strength workout, while the other group started with a cardio workout on the rowers and bikes. The strength workout is demonstrated by the instructor and there is a repeating video that shows you the reps and how to complete the workout. As for the group doing cardio, the instructor will tell you when to sprint, when to rest and how to adjust your tension or speed. Then the two groups switch so that the people doing cardio are now doing the strength moves and we were then doing the cardio moves. You continue to switch back and forth until the end of class. 

I love how the instructor is engaged with her students. Since the class can only hold 16 students, the instructor is able to check in on the TV that shows which heart rate zone that we’re in and she can guide us to where we should be. There were times when I was pushing too hard and needed to slow down and there were times when I needed to pick up the pace. I love being able to gauge where I’m at in my workout based on my heart rate. It seems like the most scientific and accurate way of getting an effective workout!

Other items you should know about HIIT by LAF:

  • The workout is 50-minutes long and made up of a variety of functional exercises, core training, cardio interval training, and strength training.
  • HIIT by LAF is available to all current LA Fitness members who are 16 years of age or older (or at least 13 years of age and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.)
  • For more information, including schedules and sign-up information, visit hiitbylaf.com, or contact HIIT@lafitness.com or one of the HIIT by LAF locations near you.

I have to give a shout out to my workout buddy, Neyda @trulyney! Thanks so much for joining me in class.

Like I mentioned earlier, the workout really is for anyone! HIIT by LAF is for anyone and everyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. For moms, it’s a great escape and chance to recharge. For professionals, it’s a time-efficient workout. For runners, it’s the motivation and methodology necessary to prepare for the next race. For athletes, it’s the real-time feedback, ability to track progress and interval training necessary to improve performance. And for beginners just looking to get moving, it’s the push—the education and encouragement—necessary to get into a better fitness frame of body and mind.

To deliver optimal results, the workout is comprised of three key workout formats:

  • Strength: Build strength and lean muscle while burning calories in this intense heart-rate-targeted workout. A variety of strength training equipment, including bikes, rowers and treadmills, is used to help you achieve a stronger body. Additionally, varying weights with fewer repetitions help to maximize power and muscular strength.
  • Endurance: Increase overall cardiovascular and muscular conditioning while achieving a lean and healthy physique. High repetitions with short bursts of core-challenging exercises are programmed to increase fitness on the treadmill, rowers and bikes to boost muscular and aerobic endurance.
  • Define: Sculpt a toned, fit body through periods of high, medium and low intensity intervals with rest periods which aids in helping to improve athletic performance. Dynamic exercises and drills build muscle and increase power.

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