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I cannot believe it’s only been three years since I started TFK blog! Creating a fashion blog is something that I’ve thought about for 10 years, so three years doesn’t sound like that long. However, the lessons I’ve learn in these three years could add up to double that timeframe. To refrain from a mile long blog post and to stick with the theme, I thought I’d share my three most valuable lessons.

Cheers to 3 years!

All champagne photos by Erika Greene Photography, @erikagreenephotography.

#1 Blogging Lesson I’ve Learned:

When I decided to start a blog, I imagined exactly what I saw on TV (think of the TV shows like Awkward or Sex and the City.) The main character is shown in their bedroom all alone with their computer typing away for hours on end. It seemed very lonely and independent. You’re essentially doing it on your own, right? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. While I did feel alone in the very beginning, I soon discovered an army of supportive bloggers who are there for each when you need them. We have social media to bring us together, common interests to relate to one another and events to bond us together. It seems as the more and more people start blogging the larger and stronger our community grows. I am so thankful for my blogger babes and their support along the way. If you’re a blogger who is frustrated at doing this alone, just know that there are many other bloggers with similar thoughts. Join a group on social media! Here are a few Facebook groups to help you connect with other bloggers just like you!

Facebook Groups: Phoenix Style Tribe | Blogger Community Group | Bloguettes Bulletin Board 

#2 Blogging Lesson I’ve Learned: 

When creating a blog, make sure you’re creating it for yourself. If you start a blog for something or someone else you will never be satisfied. Most people do not get paid, at least not starting off, so starting a blog and writing on a topic that you are not passionate about will feel like an unpaid job. For me, I was working in technology when I created my blog because I was missing my passion and saw TFK blog as a creative outlet. The wonderful thing about starting a blog is that you are creating a live journal. I was that girl from age 5 to 21 who kept photo albums that were decorated and labeled with the date, the people and what exactly we were doing. It was around the time that Facebook came out with photos and photo albums that I stopped. Now I scroll through my blog or my Instagram to see my live photo albums and remember the events along the way. My blog has never felt like work and I don’t intend it to. If you’re interested in starting a blog, ask yourself what you’re truly passionate about, the rest will fall into place.

#3 Blogging Lesson I’ve Learned:

Not everything is what it seems. Sometimes you have to do “retakes” to get it just right. For example, look at the series of three photos above of me with dry hair jumping into the pool. The photos were good, but we didn’t get that “one” that we wanted, so the next series of three photos below is of me with wet hair jumping into the water one more time. This is very common with blogging and photography. Having a creative mind and working with other creatives, you often have an idea in your head that is difficult to execute, but trying again and actually capturing the feeling that you want to communicate makes it all worth it. Remember this if you’re just starting out blogging or even if you’re not a blogger, but your Instagram feed is filled with perfect people doing perfect things. For me, I prefer to focus on the positives in life, so I tend to only share the photos that describe those feelings. Of course there are things that happen in my life that make me sad, angry or upset, but I don’t tend to focus on those moments. If there is ever a life situation that I think I can share and other people can benefit from, whether it is happy or sad, then I will definitely write about it. That is the beauty of having your own blog! So, don’t let the perfect photos get you down if you’re feeling less than perfect. Creating your own idea of perfection can be just as beautiful and uplifting. 

Thank you to everyone who shared my 3-year blogiversary with me at the Hotel Palomar!

Photographer Credit – Champagne Photos

Erika Greene Photography


Hair by Lauren Wohlin


Gossamer Salon – TFK Discount




Pool Photos – Gabriella @gabriellaerica.mua

Champagne Photos – Sarah @simplystunningbridalaz



  1. Marisol Avila Reply

    Love this post! Congrats friend! I totally feel with the NEED to tap into your creative side. You look beautiful in these photos and so happy!

  2. congrats Kat! I just celebrated 3 years in June of blogging as well! I love all of your lessons-learned and agree whole-heartedly! so happy to have connected with you here on the inter-webs and in real life. 😉

    • Kat Reply

      Thank you so much, Paige! Congrats to you on 3 years of blogging too. I’m glad you liked the lessons and can relate. It helps to know that we’re not going at this alone. I’m so glad to have connected with you too!

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