Photography by Parker Micheals Photography, @parkermicheaelsphotography // Makeup by Leiah Scheibel of The Sparkle Bar, @thesparklebar // Hair by Lauren Wohlin of Knotted Salon, @l.a.dub

Aaron and I discovered QALO, the silicone ring company, right around the time we were getting married, so about 5 years ago. They had a great selection of colors, but the rings were all the same rounded edge band (see workout images below of my gray ring.) It didn’t matter to us, the ring did its job. I wore mine when I went to the gym or went hiking, and Aaron wore his when he played golf. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I discovered that Qalo now makes rings of all shapes and sizes, along with every color you can think of and that’s when I realized that there’s more to these rings than I initially thought!

I went a little ring crazy and used the Qalo online tool to create a unique stacking ring set. I chose a White Quartz Step Stackable Silicone Ring, a Jet Black Twist Stackable Silicone Ring, and an Amethyst (Violet) Chevron Stackable Silicone Ring. The online tool allowed me to see what these rings would look like stacked before purchasing them. I do have to say that my favorite ring of all is the Pearl Scallop Silicone Ring. This is my fancy Qalo ring that I never wear when doing handy work or any type of labor. I know the ring is made for that, but it’s so pretty that I wear this ring on the days when I simply need a break from my wedding bands.

Photography by Alyssa Ryan of Alyssa Ryan Photography, @alyssaryanphotography

Even though I discovered other uses of Qalo rings besides wearing to the gym, they are still very functional to wear to the gym too. I picked out a Black Step Edge Q2X Silicone Ring (shown here) and the Crosshatch Deep Blue Q2X Silicone Ring for Aaron, which looks so sharp. It’s hard to tell that it is silicone because of the edging and styling of the ring. I will say that if you’ve never purchased a silicone ring before there are some things you should know for sizing. Aarons first ring that we purchased for him is now a little small. I mimicked the same size of his wedding band (size 9), but over the years his gold wedding band has become a little tight. When your silicone ring becomes tight it will actually rub against your skin making it raw. When you wash your hands, the condensation will be trapped under the ring making it fairly uncomfortable. I purchased the black ring a size larger (size 10) and it fits him perfectly comfortable. However, if you purchase it too large then you run the risk of it being too clunky or sliding off. For me, I wear a size 5 and 3/4 for my wedding bands, so for these rings I purchased a size 6 and it’s perfect.



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