Ever since I was little, I’ve always been obsessed with lip products; lipstick, lip gloss, chapstick, you name it! I remember spending all of my allowance at Walgreens on Wet N Wild lipstick and nail polish. Those two products have always been my favorites because it’s so fun to play around with different colors. I’m usually not the one to run out and by the first new lip product that I see. It’s usually because I already have so much lip product at home that I’m too obsessed with already that I can’t possibly think that anything could be better.

Also, I should mention that I’m a MAC girl. I love MAC lipsticks (matte and shine) and their lip liners too. NARS and Smashbox lipsticks are also favorite brands of mine. Within the past couple of years my sister in law, Casey, introduced me to NYX lip gloss and liquid lipsticks and I’ve been obsessed with those too. 

When I heard about Kylie Cosmetics and the lip kits that she’s offering I was definitely skeptical. I’m not one to keep up with the Kardashians or the Jenners. Quite honestly, I don’t really like reality TV, unless it’s Project Runway, which means that I’m not obsessed with having a product with Kylie’s name on it. If Taylor Swift made lip kits, you better believe I would buy every color just because it was her brand. Either way, I wanted to be sure that if I’m buying something blindly (without being able to test it first) I want to be sure that I like it. There are no returns with cosmetics, at least I don’t think there are. It really doesn’t matter because I’ve loved every Kylie lip kit that I’ve tried and would never want to return it, but I’m jumping ahead. The point is that I truly love this product! Let me tell you why…

The first time I tried a Kylie lip kit, I was in Chicago for the World Series  and my makeup intelligent cousin, Sara, had the lip kit in Candy K, which I am wearing here. I knew she did because I saw it on her Snap Story a few weeks back and I made a mental note that when I was in Chicago I had to try it – again, I didn’t want to commit to buying something blindly. I tested the kit out and found that the lip liner went on extremely smoothly. Have you ever put on a lip liner where it’s almost rough? Well, this lip liner glides on your lips which makes it more difficult to mess up. I’ve even put it on in a moving car (Aaron was driving) and to my surprise it was straight! Then applying the liquid lipstick is almost like applying a lip gloss, except it’s not sticky like a gloss. It goes on smooth and creamy, which is so great for blending and making sure that it’s in the exact place it’s supposed to be in. Matte lipsticks go on dry and it’s almost uncomfortable to try to blend it into place. After a couple seconds the liquid lipstick sets and turns to a matte. It has the same look as a matte lipstick, but it is less drying. It’s actually hydrating and you immediately forget that you’re even wearing it. The first time I wore it to work, I literally jumped back when I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror for the first time in hours and it was perfectly in place. I applied it around 8am, it was then 3pm and I had already eaten lunch, two snacks and I am constantly drinking water throughout the day. 

Let’s talk price. A MAC lipstick costs around $17 and a MAC lip liner costs anywhere from $17.50 – $22 (the $22 ones glide on nicer.) A Kylie lip kit is $29, which includes a lip liner and a liquid lipstick, so it’s already cheaper than purchasing a lipstick and liner from MAC. Now, you can buy an individual lip liner and liquid lipstick if you don’t want to buy the kit together. I like to save money and use the same liner for multiple lipsticks with my MAC products, so feel free to do that here too. You’ll end up spending $2 more when you buy them individually. I’m not sure how long a Kylie lip kit will last you compared to MAC. I’ve not sure I’ve ever actually finished a MAC lipstick before, but I am getting close with my Shanghai Spice. Sure, you can walk into a MAC store and try on lipsticks all day long if you want and you don’t have to pay shipping and handling. However, Kylie Cosmetics is always offering free shipping if you spend $40 (go in on an order with a friend!) and a lot of times they’ll even offer a free lipstick or gloss when you spend a certain amount. That is how I got the black lipstick. I also got a free Vixen lip kit too when they were doing Christmas promotions. Sign-up for their email blasts if you’re nasty.

Cons. Sure, nothing is perfect. Here are the two things that really bother me about the Kylie lip kit. Don’t worry, I’ve already found ways to live with these two things. The cap on the lip liner never. stays. on. Ugh! I am not about to ruin my lip liner or my purse, so I found a use for one of my thousands of IPSY makeup bags and I always keep that lip liner in there. The cap doesn’t typically fall off in there because the makeup bag is pretty small. The second thing that I noticed is once I sharpened my lip liner for the first time, the actual lip liner crayon (the color on the inside) falls out of the pencil part. Just be smart, don’t take the cap off and hold your lip liner upside down. Now that you know you won’t be so mad when you figure these things out on your own!

I’ll be featuring the various lip kits that I own in some of my photo shoots coming up. Do you currently have a Kylie lip kit? Comment below what your favorite color is so far!

Be you, bravely.

The Foxy Kat

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  1. I have yet to try Kylie’s lip kits! I have been meaning to because they’re all so gorg. This color looks great on you!

  2. LOOOOOVE candy k! I was so skeptical at first too but once I caved, I became obsessed. Such a pretty color. Looks great on you!

  3. So a friend from work has been raging about the Kylie lip kits and keeps trying to convince me to try them. I guess I’m sold now, I’ll have to see for myself.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try her lip kit out so bad! Everyone I know just LOVES it! PS this color is perfect on you!

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  7. I was skeptical of buying the Kylie lip kits, but after hearing all the raves, I had to give them a go…I fell in love the first time I tried them! They go on smooth and the color lasts a long time.

    I bought the sample kit with like 5 colors in it…based on the logo wearing off the bottle, it seems coco K is my favorite color.

    The only complaint I have is that they change colors after about five minutes of being on. It applies one color, and when it’s dried, its a totally different color (usually trending more red than when it was first applied).

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