We are only a couple days away from 2017 and I’ve been thinking a lot about my New Year Resolutions. One resolution that has been on my mind this past month is taking better care of my skin. Skincare is such an important daily commitment that I often times forget about. Sometimes I feel lost as to what products to select and I question if the price of each product will actually give me the results that I want or that it claims. I’ve been loving sample size products lately because they are much cheaper than the full size containers and it allows me to test something out for a couple weeks or maybe even a month to see if it works.

The first product I received in my $10 monthly IPSY subscription, which is a beauty membership where you receive multiple products in a cute cosmetics bag each month. To sign up, use my referral link here. This little orange tube is GlamGlow, which is a Flashmud Brightening Treatment Masque. I love it because it is gentle enough on my sensitive skin, but also gets the job done. I apply this masque on dry skin to pre-exfoliate, then I leave it on my face for 20 minutes. It doesn’t dry out my face like some masques do, so I don’t even realize that it’s on my face. After waiting 20 minutes, I wash it off and my face is smoother, softer and smells great. I actually have it on my face right now… 🙂 I’m all about multitasking!

After using the masque, I will apply Lash Boost if it’s at night time (click here for more info) and after waiting 90 seconds, I will apply this multi-function eye cream by Rodan+Fields. I received this mini eye-cream from my friend Tristin Nasser as a gift with purchase with my Lash Boost. I believe the sale is going on for a couple more days, so if you’re interested in both you better contact her! It’s crazy because I’ve been using this eye-cream for about four weeks and I already notice that the skin around my eyes is tighter. Plus, I barely even use that much eye-cream. I use it morning and night and still have more than half left. Tristin has the regular size bottle and said that it has lasted her over five months!

Next up is the Multivitamin Power Firm from Dermalogica. This product feels a little more waxier than the Rodan+Fields eye-cream, which feels like a lotion. You can use this around your eyes too, but I prefer to use it around my lip area. It smells good and feels a little like a lip balm. It contains vitamins A, C, and E, plus silicones promote elasticity and improve smoothness. I’m beginning to notice fine lines around my lip area so I focus on putting this treatment there.

The last step before applying my face moisturizer is applying Maracuja Oil by Tarte. I also received this miracle oil in my IPSY bag. Not only is it in a super cool container, but it is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C known to recharge and replenish and it gives the appearance of smoother, brighter skin. It offers instant hydration without the greasy feel. It is naturally harvested from a rare Amazonian fruit and hand pressed without the use of heat to preserve the maximum amount of nutritious essential fatty acids and vitamins. I use two to three drops of oil and rub it together in my hands before patting on clean, dry skin on my face, neck and decollage. You can also use this oil to soften cuticles, tame flyaways, condition split ends and hydrate rough patches of skin. 

I’m not one for lengthy morning and nighttime rituals, so thankfully these four products, plus cleansing and moisturizing my face takes no more than five minutes! 

Rodan+Fields Ordering Information

Tristin Nasser is offering The Foxy Kat readers a holiday special of $135 for Preferred Customers, which includes a 2-3 month supply of Lash Boost and a sample of multifunction mini eye-cream all in a cute cosmetic bag. Read my blog post here for more info about Lash Boost. If you only need the eye-cream, it is $55 for Preferred Customers and currently has lasted Tristin over 5 months! I’ve been using the sample size for over 4 weeks! Be sure to let her know that The Foxy Kat referred you.

Contact Information: Tristin Nasser | Website | Instagram | Facebook | tristinnasser81@gmail.com | 813.245.5525

Be you, bravely.

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