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If you know me well enough, then you know that I’m a lover of spray tans. If you don’t know me at all, other than looking at a couple photos, then you know that I’m completely pale, like “Irish Girl on the Beach” meme pale. Except I’m not irish. Story of my life below!


Since I can remember, growing up in Arizona has made me a sun worshiper. I’ve always been serious about sunscreen, but when I got to my teens I tested some “tanning lotions” in the backyard. Starting in high school I worked as a lifeguard and even had a membership to various tanning bed studios (I’m looking very golden in my prom photos.) Thank goodness I gave up those ultraviolet lights before long and discovered spray tan in college. Like some of my friends, I had an unlimited membership and often times would ask for two rounds of spray tan in the booth before getting out (queue the college photos with my orange glow.) When I moved to NYC after college, I realized that people on the east coast didn’t care about being tan, plus I couldn’t afford it. It wasn’t until I returned to Arizona that a friend of mine discovered a local airbrush studio that gets the color of the glow just right without any streaks and offers it at an awesome cost without taking forever for your appointment.


I’ve been going to Donna for my tans for six years now! And have been a client of Arizona Airbrush Studios since 2011 when she opened her own airbrush studio. It wasn’t until my trip to Cabo last month when I had so many compliments on my tan that I realized I’ve been holding out from my readers. This past weekend I had a spray tan appointment on Friday for the GoDaddy holiday party on Saturday. I took some before and after pictures to share with you so that you can see for yourself. I did the rapid tan and I waited two hours before showering, which is typically the longest that I wait. For my wedding, I waited one hour because I only wanted a warmth added to my natural skin color. Sometimes when I want a subtle glow, but do not want to be as dark as I am below, I will wait 1.5 hours before showering. This will make much more sense as you continue to read.

Before and after photos without a flash.


Before photos with a flash.

After photos with a flash.

When I started going to Donna for my spray tans at Arizona Airbrush Tanning, I was purchasing the 8-hour tans. Most people think of the 8-hour tan when they hear spray tan. Now, I’ve switched to the rapid tan and I cannot go back! Both tanning options are great, but I personally prefer the rapid tan over the 8-hour tan. Let me tell you the difference, so that you can make up your mind as to which one you prefer.

For both tans, the prep before and the post care is the same, the main differences are how long you wait before showering after your tan and the price.

The 8-hour tan is less expensive ($30 regular price – TFK discounts below!) and after you have the spray tan done, you wait eight hours before showering. The rapid tan is more expensive ($40 regular price – TFK discounts below!) and you can shower anywhere from one to four hours after getting your spray tan done! For me, having the freedom to shower quicker in my day is well worth the extra ten bucks. Also, with the rapid tan you actually look darker when you get the spray tan done. It is a deeper, darker, bronze color of spray tan when it is initially sprayed on you. The first time totally freaked me out! But then I showered two hours later and I was back to being about as pale as I was when I first walked into Arizona Airbrush Studio. After the next 8-12 hours I progressively got tanner and tanner. With the 8-hour tan, you are initially sprayed and your tan develops during the eight hours while you’re waiting to shower. When you shower, you rinse off the actual spray tan and your tanned skin stays intact underneath. For me, it seems like the 8-hour tan is on my surface of my skin, while the rapid tan looks a bit more natural, but everyone is different! Like I mentioned before, I’m very pale skinned naturally, so the rapid tan has more control over matching the pigment of my skin and looking like a natural tan. The 8-hour tan is perfect for people who already have a base tan or tan easily, because it adds a golden/bronze layer of tan on top of your skin.

Let me know what you think when you get your tan on at Arizona Airbrush Studio. All airbrush technicians are great! I usually go to Harley on Tuesdays, or Donna, Kelsey or Jackie on Thursdays depending on what time works with my schedule and who is available. I highly suggest booking your first tan with The Foxy Kat $10 off promotion, so that you can take advantage of The Foxy Kat 3-tan package afterwards! I typically buy packages of 5 or 10 tans at a time because they never expire. I’ll save them and use them for weddings, pool parties, holiday parties, bachelorette parties and vacations. It’s a huge savings and it’s definitely worth it! The 3-tan package is less money up front and allows you to try it a couple different times and see how you like it. If you do the rapid tan, I’d recommend playing around with how long you wait before showering to find out which shade of tan is your favorite. Keep an eye out for the next blog post where I talk about pre and post care for your spray tan along with some other tips that I’ve learned along the way…


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The Foxy Kat deal… For every TFK reader, mention “The Foxy Kat Special” when you call in to make your appointment or add it to your comments when you book online. You’ll receive $10 off your tan. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new client to Arizona Airbrush Studio or if you’ve been before. After you go into the studio for your tan, you’ll have the option to purchase a 3-tan package for half off, which isn’t available to anyone else!

The cost… If you select an 8-hour tan as your first tan, it will be $20 with “The Foxy Kat Special.” After that the 3-tan special for the 8-hour tan will be $45 total (instead of $90.) If you select a rapid tan as your first tan, it will be $30 with “The Foxy Kat Special.” After that the 3-tan special for the rapid tan will be $60 total (instead of $120.) Essentially, you’re getting one and a half tans for free!

Be you, bravely.

The Foxy Kat

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