Last month, I shared the Boho Wave Tutorial from Gossamer Salon (click here for the blog post.) This month I am sharing the second part of that look, Boho Braids and Waves. Lauren Wohlin of Gossamer Salon continued the style and added to the waves with a few different braids to accentuate the boho chic look that I was going for.

In the video you’ll notice that the curls were already done and now Lauren was moving on to adding texture and dimension. First, she adds two skinny braids on top of my head. You can vary the size of these braids. The key is to pull out the braid or “pancake” the braid to flatten it and create a messy look. Lauren also teases the ends to hold the braids in place without making them look too polished with a rubber band or hair wrap closure. After that she pulled the hair to one side and created a diagonal 4D fishtail braid along the nape of my neck. This creates a 360 degree detailed look, which still peeks through to the front too. The fourth and final braid Lauren created is a regular skinny braid underneath the hair towards the front to continue the braid look throughout. Lastly, the hairstyle was dressed with large bobby pins in two different colors. The large bobby pin hair art is very trendy right now in high fashion, on runways and with celebrities. It’s a fun way to add “jewelry” to your hair without too much sparkle. I love the contrast from the bobby pins to my hair color. If you’re wanting bobby pin hair art, make sure to use colors that stand out. I hope you have as much fun as Lauren and I did in the salon as you do at home testing out the look yourself! Play around with different variations of braids and let me know what you think of your style.

Be you, Bravely.

Katrina Fox

The Foxy Kat (TFK)



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