Recently, I had the opportunity to be a hair model for a hair tutorial video from Gossamer Salon. Lauren Wohlin did two looks on my hair. The first one is shown here, which is “Boho Waves” and the second one she added in some fun braids to intensify the boho vibe – keep an eye out for the second video to come soon. I was lucky enough to have a boho photo shoot that night that was styled perfectly with these hot hair trends. Samantha Marina did an awesome job shooting the video and putting it all together.

When I want waves or curls, I typically will use a straightener or a curling rod. I also have a regular clamp curling iron, but I haven’t been using that as much lately. In this tutorial Lauren switches between two different sized curling irons and even changes the angles of how she is holding the curling irons as she’s curling. Minor changes like this can really impact the look that you’re going for. I suggest playing around with different curling irons and holding them at different angles to see what you prefer.

This particular look is super textured, so the purpose is to have different sized curls than to have everything looking exactly the same. In the past, I have always tried to keep all of my curls looking exactly the same as each other, but when the curls are different like shown here I have realized that I actually have more volume. 

There are two main curl techniques that Lauren does for this look. One is her namesake curl, the Wohlin Wave, and the second is the Glam Wave. 

For the Wohlin Wave, clamp the hair with the curling iron and twirl the curling iron twice with it clamped and slightly twist the curl out. 

For the Glam Wave, twist the hair around the curling iron without clamping down. Make sure the hair is coiled on the iron. 

The irons used in this tutorial we’re a one inch and a one and a half inch.

Comment below and let me know how it works for you at home!

Be you, Bravely.

Katrina Fox

The Foxy Kat (TFK)


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Gossamer Stylist / Coiffeur



VIDEO FOOTAGE  @samanthamarina_

 MAKEUP BY  @alyson_lavender




  1. Your hair looks amazing! I’ve been playing with different size barrels as well but am not that skilled just yet 🙂

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