If you’ve been following along on my skincare journey, then you know that in 2017 I have been going to Skinapeel Beauty for monthly facials. I’ve also been committed to a morning and nighttime skincare routine with Rhoda Allison products. Each month I look forward to my Microcurrent Facials (search the blog using “Microcurrent” to read more), but for the month of November I decided to switch it up and try something new.

I first heard about Dermaplaning from my friend Ashley. I was telling her about this magical anti-botox treatment, called Microcurrent, and she asked me if I heard of Dermaplaning. She said that she has heard many great things about it and had already done her research to find out that Kimberly from Skinapeel Beauty also provides that service. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know about a service that Kimberly offers! Aren’t I supposed to be the expert here (lol)? Well, thankfully Ashley brought this up because I went back to Kimberly to get more information and she confirmed everything that Ashley had told me is correct….

Dermaplaning is a facial where the aesthetician uses a small razor to remove dead skin cells and vellus facial hair.  By removing the top layer of your skin, which includes that little peach fuze, it makes your face super smooth and helps your makeup to go on easier and smoother than before. Things that Dermaplaning does not do… it does not remove freckles or skin spots. Also, those little tiny hairs do not grow back thicker or darker; that is an old wives tale. 

After finding out about Dermplaning from my friend Ashley, I started hearing about it everywhere. Friends who I never knew even got facials told me that they get Dermaplaning monthly and that they swear by it. Every person, except for one, told me that they are obsessed with Dermaplaning and that it is their favorite service. Even Kimberly said that Dermaplaning is her most popular service that she offers at Skinapeel Beauty. The person who said she didn’t love Dermaplaning didn’t have anything against the service, but she said that she could feel her peach fuzz growing back and didn’t enjoy that feeling. She really couldn’t see it, but just the feeling was enough for her to not get the service again. I never noticed my peach fuzz growing back. I didn’t feel it or see it, which is a simple example of how different people react differently to certain things. 

Front View - Before Dermaplaning 11-16-17
Front View - 1 Day After Dermaplaning 11-17-17
Front View - 2 Days After Dermaplaning 11-18-17
Left Side View - Before Dermaplaning
Left Side View - 1 Day After Dermaplaning
Left Side View - 2 Days After Dermaplaning
Right Side View - Before Dermaplaning
Right Side View - 1 Day After Dermaplaning
Right Side View - 2 Days After Dermaplaning
Smile View - Before Dermaplaning
Smile View - 2 Days After Dermaplaning

As you can see from the photos above, my skin was a lot smoother after Dermaplaning. In the before photos, my skin tone was pretty uneven. I had a couple zits, but nothing major. The day after the Dermaplaning treatment, I noticed that overall my skin tone was a bit more even. Since the top layer of skin and hair was removed from my face, I could now see every imperfection in my skin. I have freckles, a couple small scars, the occasional black/white heads, and these tiny little bumps/zits that I never knew I had because they were hidden under the vellus hairs. This drove me crazy to the point that I would stare at my face in the mirror and try to pop all of the little imperfections.

The second day after the treatment, I could tell that in some areas the breakouts were clearing up and healing, but there were breakouts happening in new areas. Sometimes I may get a tiny breakout after a facial, but usually it goes away pretty quickly. In this instance, there were a couple things going against me… I kept picking at my skin (ugh!), the weather was going back and forth from transitioning into winter to back into warmer Arizona days, and I was fighting being sick for pretty much the entire month.

At my next appointment with Kimberly, she assured me that Dermaplaning does not cause breakouts or dry skin, like I had been experiencing. She explained that when you go through a cold or a flu or being hungover (which may or may not have happened twice that month), your body tries to get it out of your system any way it can and sometimes that is through the skin. Also, I have very sensitive skin that is also very reactive. I have to be careful with face cleansers, creams and lotions. Oddly enough, Kimberly told me to use cold water when I wash my face and a cold compress when I get breakouts. All along I had been using hot water to wash my face and a warm compress. She also helped me to switch up how I am using my products, which I’ll explain in my next blog post (so stay tuned!) and already my skin is doing much better!

In conclusion, I would have to say that I missed my Microcurrent treatment during the month of November. I love how Microcurrent facials help to tighten up my skin or at least give that appearance. I am not concerned with having smooth skin like other people are. I noticed that a lot of my friends who swear by Dermaplaning have a beautiful olive or golden skin tone, I wonder if that has anything to do with it (just a random observation.) I actually don’t love the hydrated glowing skin look on me and would rather have a tight matte dry skin appearance instead (I know – I’m so weird.)  I’ve decided that Dermaplaning is not for me and that I am going to stick to Microcurrent, at least for now. There are a lot of benefits to Dermaplaning, which I have already mentioned, so at the end of the day think about what I said with an open mind to figure out what service is right for you, because not every service will be right for you. You may even hate Microcurrent and prefer Botox (just playing devil’s advocate.) I may even try Dermaplaning again during a different time of year, but for now give me my miracle wrinkle reducer!

*Dermaplaning may be overstimulating for people who have reactive skin like myself, but it is a skincare service that is beneficial and works for all skin types. If you have acne, compromised skin or a tendency to breakout, then maybe it’s not the best service for you.

Have you tried Dermaplaning before? What did you think of it? Have you tried Microcurrent yet? If so, do you love it as much as me. Please comment below!

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  1. Marisol Avila Reply

    Wow So cool! You skin looks glowy with each day that passes!

  2. I keep hearing about it but for some reason I’m scared to try. Maybe now I will 🙂 So is it like shaving your face? BC I already do that lol.


    • Kat Reply

      Haha! I guess it’s similar, but since someone else is doing it and it’s with such a small razor I’m thinking it’s safer. I think you would like it! It doesn’t hurt, so nothing to be scared about.

  3. I have so many new sunspots and my skin tone has become so uneven as I’ve gotten older 🙁 I need to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

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