Meet Casey Fox. She is a mother of an adorable little girl named Parker and a handsome four-legged fur-baby name Norm. She can tell you by name what color of lipstick you’re wearing as soon as you walk into the room. You can surround her with a group of strangers and not only will she become friends with every single person, but she’s the hit of the party. She remembers your “half-birthday” even though she thinks you’re crazy for having a “half-birthday”. And best of all, she’s the most considerate person you’ll ever meet. I am extremely fortunate to call her family.

Never in a million years did I think that I would be lucky enough to find the love of my life – Not to mention that he comes with an amazing sister who is also a best friend AND does amazing hair – BONUS! (I know, I really hit the jackpot!) Casey has been working in cosmetology for over a decade. She started before she even graduated high school. Since then she’s been a salon manager of a global hairdressing company, she’s trained teams of hairdressers, been a part of various hair shows and now she is her very own boss and co-owns Eclipz Salon Studio with her business partner Andrea Croci. Not only is she extremely talented and creative in the artistry of hairdressing, but she is in the know with all things beauty and fashion. From eyebrow shapes to lipstick color trends to kids fashions to so much more, she’s your girl!


Casey is extremely talented in “fancy hair”. What I mean is that she can do up-do’s, down-do’s, braids, buns, etc. There hasn’t been something that she hasn’t been able to do. Over the past couple years that I’ve known Casey and Pinterest has been invented, we’ve shared multiple boards and pins with different hair-do’s for multiple events. Casey is my go-to girl for everything hair. She was there when I needed her at my bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding, and holiday parties. Not only did she do my bridal up-do, but she spent the entire day doing the Maid of Honor’s hair and the Mothers of the Bride/Groom’s hair too. The best part is that this is Casey’s passion and you can tell when you’re around her. Not only is she amazing at “fancy hair”, but she puts just as much talent and love into cuts, color and every day styling too.

When I arrived to Eclipz Salon Studio on Saturday I had shown Casey a picture of my outfit and she knew exactly how my hair should be styled to compliment my head to toe look. She went with a middle part, curling rod curls, some teasing around the crown and two small braids pulled back to shape the crown of my head. I was completely in love! The hair style was the perfect choice that not only flattered my face shape, but tied in the overall look (outfit details tomorrow). The hair style was really sweet, but gave off a modern and classy look. The worst part was that I eventually had to brush out my braids and wash out my curls (I waited till Sunday night – lol). Reach out to Casey for any hair needs that you might have. Her contact info is below!




Contact Info: Casey Fox | 480-217-7345 | Eclipz Salon Studio | FacebookYelp

Be You, Bravely.

The Foxy Kat


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