All that glitters is not gold. It’s also silver, rose gold, bronze, etc., at least when talking about liquid glitter eye shadow. Glitter eye shadow has been around forever, liquid eye shadow has been around forever, but what a novel idea to put them together! Also, it makes for a really low maintenance look without anyone else knowing. If your eyes sparkle, everyone immediately thinks you had your makeup done (no joke – I received so many compliments and questions about who did my makeup when I wore liquid glitter eye shadow last weekend.) I found two brands that I really like and for different reasons, so if you want to try out this trend, keep reading.

Photos by @glitterglucose
Photo taken by @trulyney
Photos by @kate.berkley

In the photos above, I am showing off my PÜR Quick Pro Glitter Eyeshadows, which were gifted to me by PÜR Cosmetics. (Although they are a gift, all opinions are my own.) I attended a Bumble Biz event at Chestnut in Phoenix with some of my girlfriends and I couldn’t believe the response I was getting from the eyeshadow. My close friends who own The Sparkle Bar, which is a boutique makeup studio in  Scottsdale, actually asked me who did my makeup – The biggest compliment ever! I got this look by using the Jacqueline Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette and then I used all four glitter colors on top. I used Queenie (light gold) in the inside corners, OMG (darkest brown) in the eyelid crease, Lust (red) next to the crease, and Namaslay (bronze) in the middle to blend. 

The eye shadows went on very nicely on top of the the dry eye shadow and did not smear the underneath color. They added a very nice shimmer as the glitter seems to be smaller in comparison to the Stila glitter below, but still a statement beauty product. I then used eyeliner and fake eyelashes on top. Be careful when putting it on as the glitter doesn’t come off as easily as powder eye shadow.

Another time that I used this eye shadow, I used it on my bare eyelid. I used all four colors in the same way that I did before, but I noticed that without an eye shadow underneath, the glitter doesn’t dry as quickly and it is a bit more slippery to blend, if that makes sense. Plus the eye shadow colors aren’t as dark as I found that the Stila colors are. The glitter still stands out like it did before, but it has more of a “wet” look. I noticed that I had to wait a while for it to dry before putting on pencil eyeliner. It was a little challenging to do it when the eye shadow wasn’t fully dry. I also added a matte powder eye shadow to my eyelid crease, which gave my eyes more dimension rather than an all over shimmer.

In comparison, Stila sent me their version of glitter liquid eye shadow too (again, all opinions are my own.) I received the Stila Glitter & Glow holiday pack called Written In The Stars, which is different from their latest formula of Shimmer & Glow liquid eye shadows. The three colors that came in the kit are Kitten Karma (rose gold-bronze), Diamond Dust (silver), and Smoky Storm (purple-brown.) Immediately, I tried this eye shadow on my bare eyelid and paired it with very light face makeup, mascara, eyebrow gel and clear lip gloss (above photo.) I wanted to see if I could wear this to work with minimal makeup, but still look “made up.” It totally worked! The glitter is a little chunkier than PUR’s, so it seems like it stands out a little more.

I would say if you’re looking more for a true glitter to use Stila’s Glitter & Glow, but if you want more of an ultra-shimmer to go with PUR. 

Also, it seemed to dry pretty quickly and surprisingly for looking like powder glitter it dried smoothly with minimal fall out. However, if you rub your eyes it will definitely smear, so be careful! I am trying to break myself of touching my face and eyes throughout the day.

I used the glitters on top of eye shadow, which looked just as great. Also, I tested out using it like an eyeliner on top of my eye shadow and underneath my eyeliner, which I loved too. It added just enough sparkle without going overboard. With these glitters, I did not mix them on my eyelid. Since the glitter is chunkier it seemed like it would be a lot for work if I mixed the colors. One thing you’ll want to note is not to go past your eyelid crease and onto your brow bone. You want to keep the glitter contained on your eyelid and/or eyeliner/eyelash line only. You might cross over to drag queen territory, but hey it could be fun for a dress up party!

If you’re looking for a fun new way to spruce up your makeup looks, I highly suggest liquid glitter eye shadows! Think about if you want more of a shimmer or more of a glitter look before purchasing – or- get both and see which one you like best! Stila sells kits and individually and PUR sells a kit of five colors (purchase here.) Both brands are sold at Ulta online and in stores.



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