If I were stuck on a stranded island and could only take one beauty product with me, it would be a close call between mascara and chap stick. Unless sunscreen counts as a beauty product, then I’d have to take sunscreen (I am so pale!). What I’m trying to say is that I can’t go a day without mascara. Having lighter eyelashes I’ve found that mascara makes such a difference in my appearance, but it seems like I’m always on a hunt for the best one. Lucky for you, I’m going to reveal some of my study notes with you on my three latest mascara finds.




1. Guerlain – Maxi Lash (01 Noir)

The claim to fame of Maxi Lash is that it’s a “volume creating curl sculpting mascara”. From my first use I definitely noticed the curl that it adds. I’ve never needed to use an eyelash curler, because when I do my eyelashes would tickle my eyelids. With this mascara it adds the perfect amount of curl while also thickening. The only downfall is that it is very hard to remove. I hate having to use eye make-up remover and regular face wash just doesn’t cut it. The other thing is that it’s $30. If you’re ok with that amount then I’d suggest trying it out. If you’d prefer not to spend that much, then I think you can find a less expensive option. (Keep reading…)




2. MAKE UP FOR EVER – Smoky Extravagant (Black)

Just from opening the mascara I knew I would love it. I find that cone shaped brushes really help to cover all lashes including those little ones close to the inside of the eye, while accentuating the longer lashes on the outside of the eye. I loved the volume that this mascara gave and I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t added clumps as well. Thankfully this mascara washed off clean when using just face wash. It is $24 for a full tube or $12 for a travel size which is a great way to test whether it works for you. I received mine from Sephora as my birthday gift from being a reward member.



3. MAC – Opulash Optimum (Black)

I have used this mascara before and I keep coming back to it. I love the length, volume and curl that it gives my eyelashes. With all of this it still feels light and gives my lashes some flexibility rather than making them tough or brittle. Plus the price is awesome! Only $17 for a full tube. It doesn’t wash off perfectly clean with face wash, but it’s not as thick as the Guerlain mascara. I still try to get away without using eye make-up remover with this mascara. The only thing that threw me off the first time is the thick brush. I like it for the thickness of my outer lashes, but it’s hard to get closer to the inner lashes. (Ps. In the picture above, I’m only wearing it on my right eye to show you the difference)


When it comes down to it, everyone has a different preference of what traits they look for in a mascara (kinda like dating). I believe it’s a very personal purchase and it’s hard to make a decision without trying it out first. Both Sephora and MAC offer smaller mascara sizes, samples or a mascara tester kit, which is great for finding your perfect match!


Happy Mascara Hunting!

The Foxy Kat

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