No need to “borrow” your wife’s beauty products, these are made for the manliest of men!

For this month’s SoScottsdale! and Uptown Magazine’s Allure write-up, I focused on the best beauty products for our favorite men in our lives. It seems like skincare falls by the wayside for our guys. I religiously wash my face morning and night, while Aaron doesn’t even own face wash! I know he would enjoy pampering himself, but doesn’t know where to start. In my write-up below, I picked out the best face and body products for my puppies’ daddy and I’m excited to surprise him with these on Sunday. In addition to what you see in the magazines, I have a few of my favorites highlighted below. Don’t worry you still have time to order these items online before Father’s Day! 

First Row: Clarisonic Alpha Fit – Similar to the very popular face cleanser brush for women, they have a version specific for men. It helps to clean skin of oil, dirt and grime, so that it creates healthier, more energized skin, allowing for a closer shave and a smoother beard.

Second Row: Clarins Men Hydra-Sculpt – This gel and cream combo is used as an after shave lotion in order to smooth and hydrate the skin, while also firming and sculpting the jawline.

Third Row: Dollar Shave Club – The products on the left side are some of Aaron’s favorites! His friend accidentally left travel sizes in our guest shower and Aaron immediately ordered the full sizes after testing it for himself. Since then, I’ve even started using the Body Cleanser in Amber-Lavender and Mint-Cedarwood. Aaron likes to mix it up between bar soap and gel, so it’s great that they have options. Neither of us have used their razors, tooth brushes or tooth paste, so I figured since they’re so reasonably priced, why not test them out for ourselves! I’m sure we’ll fall in love with them like we have the other products.


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  1. Marisol Avila Reply

    Such great suggestions! I didn’t know Clarins had a Men’s line..

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