It has been four weeks since I started using Lash Boost by Rodan + Fields. If you’re unsure of what Lash Boost is feel free to check out my initial blog post introducing this eyelash miracle growth lotion here. Rodan + Fields talks about results after eight full weeks of using this lotion on your eyelids for nightly. However, I started noticing a difference after the second week. Now that I’m halfway there I wanted to share my progress photos with you so that you could see yourself. 

Below are two comparison photos that each show three images. The first image is of my lashes without any mascara on before I started using Lash Boost. The middle image is after four weeks of using Lash Boost, again without any mascara on. The third image is after four weeks of using Lash Boost wearing mascara.

– Eyes Open –

– Eyes Closed –

Next, I wanted to show you an apples to apples comparison of me wearing mascara in both photos, but the top image is from the first day I started using Lash Boost and the second image is after four weeks progress. 

– Eyes Open –

– Eyes Closed –

As you can see Lash Boost has helped my lashes to not only grow longer, but also to fill out those fine baby lashes and increase the thickness in my lashes. It’s amazing because I feel like I am wearing fake lashes without actually wearing fake lashes. I’m so excited for my results after week eight! 

In the first couple of weeks there was a learning curve and I’d like to share some tips with you! Once I figured out the best practices of using Lash Boost it’s now second nature just like brushing my teeth.

  • Taking selfies of your eyelashes is really hard! As you can see from my photos above, the lighting in your room and the flash from your camera makes all the difference. Getting into focus without being able to see where you’re holding the camera is tricky – so if you have a significant other, a roommate or even a friend at work who can take your photos, I highly suggest it.
  • Also, be sure to take photos! I noticed a difference after the second week and the photos helped to assure myself that I wasn’t imagining the progress.
  • When you apply your Lash Boost, be sure to apply it to your actual eyelid (skin) right at your eyelash line as if you would eyeliner. I was putting it on my actual eyelashes and I couldn’t understanding why it wasn’t soaking into my skin. This doesn’t do anything for your eyelashes, so essentially you’re wasting it if you apply it anywhere else but to your actual eyelid skin.
  • There is no need to wait any longer than 90 seconds before putting on your face moisturizer and other products. I was so concerned about putting on my moisturizer too early and ruining my results that I often times would forget to put on my moisturizer and go to bed with a dry and tight face. Now I have a routine of washing my face, putting on my Lash Boost, brushing my teeth (my electric toothbrush lasts for 2 minutes at a time) and immediately applying my Rodan+Fields eye cream (free with your Lash Boost purchase for a limited time) and then my moisturizer. 
  • I have super sensitive skin, like crazy sensitive, and there are warnings with Lash Boost, so naturally I was freaked out that I would have a reaction. After the first couple of days I noticed that my eyelids seemed a little itchy after 15-30 minutes of applying the Lash Boost. This was due to the fact that I was forgetting to put on my face moisturizer and my skin was dry. My friend Tristin (info below) reached out to her Rodan+Fields colleagues to see if this happened to anyone else. Another person said that she had something similar happen to her, so she used Lash Boost every other day and still had great results without having itchy eyelids.
  • If you forget to apply it once in a blue moon it’s okay! On average, I think I forgot to apply it a couple Saturdays in a row. It’s such a routine now that I don’t forget anymore, but even with forgetting twice out of these past four weeks, I still had great results! 

Below are my initial eyelash photos from the day that I started (Monday, 11/28/16) without any mascara on.

Below are more of my initial eyelash photos from the day that I started (Monday, 11/28/16) wearing mascara. 

Here are progress photos after four weeks (Monday, 12/26/16) of using Lash Boost without any mascara.

Here are more progress photos after four weeks (Monday, 12/26/16) of using Lash Boost wearing mascara.

In the photos above I am wearing the same mascara, Smashbox Full Exposure. (Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post on my favorite mascaras) However, I will have to retire this mascara soon since it is running out, so my 8 week results photos might be showing two different mascaras. Don’t forget to order your Lash Boost from Tristin within these next five days so that you can get the eye-cream for free. I’m seriously obsessed with this eye-cream!

Ordering Information

Tristin Nasser is offering The Foxy Kat readers a holiday special of $135 for Preferred Customers, which includes a 2-3 month supply of Lash Boost and a sample of multifunction mini eye-cream all in a cute cosmetic bag. Be sure to let her know that The Foxy Kat referred you!

Contact Information: Tristin Nasser | Website | Instagram | Facebook | | 813.245.5525

Quick Stats – LASH BOOST

Starting on Monday, November 28th, 2016

4 Week Progress Photos on Monday, December 26th, 2016

Be you, bravely.

The Foxy Kat

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  2. So happy you are seeing great results Kat! I am almost 9 weeks in of using it and my lashes are longer, darker, and fuller looking! I couldn’t be happier with this product! LOVE IT!! Message me if you want to try too! I am offering a special gift for Foxy Kat readers!

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  4. I’m also nervous about having a reaction to the lash boost. Did the itching hurt really bad? Did it make your eyes red? Did it stop after a while? Sorry for all the questions lol I just wanna know what to expect

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Jodi! I’m sorry for the delay in my response. Have you used Lash Boost yet? The itching definitely stopped after the first couple of weeks. It was not bad at all. It was almost like a slight dryness, but nothing crazy. It took a little bit of time for my skin to get used to it. Also, it was around winter time and my skin typically gets a little dry around then. No, it did not make my eyes red, although I’ve heard that could be a side effect.

  5. I wish i could see an after picture without mascara to see the true results.

  6. I’m a believer in the product but you are vey clearly wearing mascara in the success photo claiming “without any mascara.” It’s stained all over you lashes and lash line.

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Kaylee – I’m sorry for the confusion in my photos. It’s hard to explain when I am and when I’m not wearing mascara. Some of the comparison photos vary because not all of the photos I took turned out. It’s challenging to focus on something so close to your face and so small. I am wearing eyeliner in the success photos and mascara in the bottom photos. I got better with my photos for my week 8 update, so hopefully it’s easier for you to understand what you’re looking at.

  7. Clearly enhanced w/ eyeliner mascara… too bad. The enhancements seems super “scam-y”

    • Kat Reply

      Hi! I’m not sure what you mean? Yes, I am wearing eyeliner in the final two photos, but I’m only wearing mascara in the final photo in some of the comparisons. Honestly, I forgot to take my update photo and noticed right before I was about to put mascara on. If you want a cleaner look without mascara on, check out my week-8 update!

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