One of my favorite things to do is to get pamper. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t enjoy relaxing at a day spa and getting a couple treatments. I will say that I’m different from most people in the sense that I like to get treatments where I can see or feel a difference afterwards. For instance, my last massage was right after my husband and I demo’d our kitchen and I told the masseuse to give me a deep tissue massage to work out my knots. Boy did I feel it the next day! If you like deep tissue massages, do not forget to drink a ton of water before and after. I definitely learned my lesson!


Similar to massages I love facials that actually clean out my pores and provide me with the proper treatments for my skin type. Thankfully I happen to be friends and sorority sisters with Kimberly Harvey who is an extremely intelligent and knowledgeable esthetician. She’s not only beautiful inside and out, but she knows her “stuff”. Her background in working at the corporate level for Philosophy really paved the way to her love and passion for skincare. She’s always been an advocate of healthy living and that goes hand in hand with skincare.


It’s true when they say that the most successful people are those who are doing what they love. As soon as I arrived at the Skinapeel Beauty Spa, Kimberly was glowing. She was so excited to show me the very reason she wakes up each morning loving her job. Her private salon is super cute. It felt very welcoming and warm. The bed was heated (which I love!), so maybe that had something to do with it 😉 Kimberly started me off by having me fill out a questionnaire that asked me questions about my skin, what I’m currently doing in my daily routine and what my skin care goals are for the future. I’ve filled out similar questionnaires and always wondered if anyone actually read them. During the hour facial she explained the different products that she used along with how they will accomplish my skin care goals and why the ingredients are beneficial for my skin type. I was so impressed that she actually read my questionnaire and was able to customize my treatment as she was going. She talked to me about the science behind the different products, which was extremely interesting and showed her knowledge of the field. She explained to me why she uses the product line that she uses. She puts her money where her mouth is and spends much of her time testing different skin care brands on herself and researching the ingredients before showing them to her clients. Kimberly put me on a skin care regimen that you’ll have to wait till next time to hear about. I can’t wait to show you the difference that it’s made for my skin and it’s only been a little over a week.


To get in touch with Kimberly, here is her information:

Skinapeel Beauty | Website

Phone: 480-788-2664


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