I’ve always had pretty straight hair naturally, except for this awkward wave and annoying friz. I can get it under control if I blow dry my hair with a round brush and run a flat iron through it, but who has time for that?! As I’m getting older, I found that my morning routine is geting shorter and shorter. I’ve been known to run out the door with wet hair, under eye cream and mascara on – that’s it! As soon as I look in the mirror at work I instantly regret my decision for snoozing my alarm and sleeping in an extra hour.


Thankfully I have Casey Fox in my life to fix things like this. I went to her salon for a regular trim on June 20th and ended up leaving with stick straight hair. She told me about the Brazilian Blowout and how you can leave your house with wet hair and it air dries perfectly straight. Plus, it’s one of the few straightening processes that doesn’t completely strip away the volume and it lasts 3-4 months. She gave me a partial treatment just to test it out for the first time. I was extremely pleased and surprised with the results.


Unfortunately, since I wasn’t planning on having this treatment done, I didn’t take before pictures. But I have quite a few selfies of me at work after the treatment that I sent to Casey, random personal photos with friends and family, and a photo from hot and humid Mexico to show you how well this works. I wasn’t planning on turning this into a blog post so please don’t judge me on my lack of make-up in my selfies 🙂 I’m so blown away (pun-intended) by this treatment that I couldn’t keep it to myself. Feel free to reach out to Casey Fox to set up your appointment too!

Casey Fox | Call / Text: 480-217-7345

3225 W Ray Rd # 205, Chandler, AZ 85226

Be you, bravely.

The Foxy Kat

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