No matter what city, state or country you’re in, Fashion Week is always a great excuse to push the envelope when it comes to style. Last year was the fourth year in a row that I attend Phoenix Fashion Week. I decided to really go all out in terms of my attire, hair and makeup. Before the show on Thursday night, Kate Nelle Photography (@katenelle_photography) captured my look on top of the Nordstrom parking lot at Scottsdale Fashion Square right as the sun was setting.

I’ve worked with Lauren Wohlin (@l.a.dub) so many times when it comes to my hair for photo shoots and events, so when she suggests a hairstyle for me I trust that she’ll knock it out of the park. I couldn’t be more pleased with this French braided messy faux-hawk that she created. It has just the perfect amount of edginess to go along with this bodysuit dress that I found at Uptown Cheapskate (@uptown_chandler.) I loved how lightweight the mesh overlay was over the cream bodysuit. I decided to wear my nude Louboutins to elongate my legs. 

I really wanted my makeup to stand out and provide contrast to my light colored ensemble. Gabi (@glowbygee) from The Sparkle Bar (@thesparklebar) created the perfect look! The makeup wasn’t too out there and over the top, but it had enough definition and color to make my lips and eyes pop. Similar to the makeup, I decided to keep my jewelry minimal. I wanted the hair and the dress to do the talking, so I wore small gold studs by House of Harlow 1969. Let me know what you think of my look below!

Phoenix Fashion Week 2017 took place October 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2017. On the first night of PHXFW, there were five Lifestyle Designers who hit the stage. In order of appearance, they were ShaLaJa Swimwear, WVSH, Moon Arrow, Liv Rio and Qmulative. On Saturday, there were five Contemporary Designers who presented their collections. They were Theo Doro, Nouvelle, EnnYe Collection, Odd Bird Designs, and Nahuala. I wasn’t able to attend Saturday night because my husband and I went to the Post Malone concert, but Saturday night is always reserved for the Couture Designers.

I loved the uniqueness that each designer brought to the evening and I shared my favorite designs from each show below. On the Phoenix Fashion Week website is a great recap of the evening with photos from each designer. Click on the link here and continue to the individual looks by click on each designer. Also, I found this great fashion show recap with all of the winners here. I hope to be able to attend again next year!



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