My go-to outfit this summer has literally been anything with my favorite cut-off denim shorts from Blank NYC. I actually found them at Nordstrom Rack about six months ago and I knew come summer they would be my favorite item for weekend wear.

One of the most flattering items to wear with these shorts is a bodysuit. Since the shorts are high-waisted, it is best to either wear a bodysuit or a form fitting top that you can tuck in. That way the high waist of the shorts is hitting you at the smallest part of your torso. It ties you in and gives a great hourglass shape. You can still wear a top untucked over the shorts, but I’ve found that it will add bulk to have a top over my high waisted jean shorts. Another option is to tuck a piece of your shirt into your high waisted shorts just above the button.

I am loving this bodysuit for three specific reasons:

1. The Color – Blush is the hottest color this year and is flattering on most skin tones. I am as pale as they come and I’ve always shied away from blush for fear that my skin will blend in. However, I love the contrast against my hair color and the ability to really play up my makeup if I want. 

2. The Fabric – The fabric is stretchy, soft and smooth to your skin. It’s the most comfortable bodysuit I own!

3. The Cut – Everyone wants to feel a little sexy at times. I am loving this deep V for just that reason. The long sleeves help to give a good balance of bareness. It’s cut above the belly button, so it’s not a full on swimsuit, but it’s pretty low cut and shows just enough skin. There’s definitely a time and a place to wear something this revealing. Obviously, don’t wear it to work or to church, but a little weekend wear won’t harm anyone. There are ties across the front to keep it together, but be careful when bending over. We don’t want any “nip slips.” Technical term, of course.

I can’t help but add a little Arizona charm to the look by adding this hat borrowed from my favorite Arizona-styled friend, Nikki Fanshaw. Also, the chukka’s I’m wearing give it an “I hike mountains” vibe. I’ve been wanting a pair of chukkas for a long time now, but I was never confident enough to wear them. When I saw this pair 70% off on Barney’s Designer Sale I knew it was my time to get out of my comfort zone. They are the most comfortable shoes ever. The suede is so soft and thin. The ties actually stay tied and even though I wear socks, I don’t have to because they are slightly cushioned on the inside. I love to wear them with the cut-off shorts shown here, and also with ankle jeans or rolled jeans.

What is your favorite go-to summer look this year?

Be You, Bravely. The Foxy Kat



  1. I’m with you about the v neck bodysuits bringing a bit of sexy, they’re just enough. This is a very cute one, love them!


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