One of my favorite fashion styles is bohemian, which is also known as boho or boho chic. Bohemian style has been around for centuries and originated from travellers or refugees from central Europe (Wikipedia, Bohemian Style.) Over time it developed into other forms, but remained prevalent among artists. For more than a hundred years there have been various women’s movements that influenced this fashion choice. In the past 50 years, this style was worn as women crossed gender lines and dressed more “boyish.” There have been a few variations like hippie-chic, grunge/gothic and also most recently boho chic. 

Boho chic fashion has become mainstream and is not just for celebrities or fashion icons. Most times I’m wearing bohemian styled clothes without meaning to; simply because I love the comfort of the loose or flowy construction. Typically boho chic is shown with loud prints and bright colors, but here you can see that a solid nude dress achieves the same vibe. Something that was inherited into the boho chic style is stacked or layered jewelry and a lack of being perfectly polished. You do not need to have perfectly matched jewelry. Here, I’m wearing two vintage bracelets. One has  iridescent stones and the other has black stones. They both work and work together. However, if I was wearing a pencil skirt, I would probably choose something less chunky and something that matches the colors of the other jewelry pieces that I was wearing. Oftentimes, I get away with flat casual boots or booties with dresses that you normally wouldn’t wear them with. I’ve found that there are less fashion rules when it comes to the boho chic style, which is good for me because I constantly find myself breaking rules and doing what feels and looks good to me.

Alyson Lavender did my makeup for this shoot and I couldn’t have been happier. I love dark makeup. I also like to look like myself and not be too over the top when I wear makeup. It should accent your natural beauty, not cover it up. Alyson accented my eyes with browns and natural colors and also filled in my brows to define my face. The lip was the perfect deep reddish-brown color to warm up my face against the nude color of the dress. Follow Alyson on Instagram at @alyson_lavender.

There’s nothing like freshly washed hair blowing in your face, especially when it has a little product in it to smell just so amazing. One of my favorite things about the boho chic style is that your hair doesn’t need to be perfectly polished either. Braids are an easy and fun way to add some character to your look. Here Lauren Wohlin from Gossamer Salon added a couple fun braids and curled my hair based on this tutorial for Boho Waves. Follow Lauren at @l.a.dub and Gossamer Salon at @gossamersalon on Instagram. 

This Secret Garden nude gown is from Wren and Ivory. They no longer have this exact style, but there are a ton of gorgeous dresses similar to this one on their website here. I love the lace bodice and the flowy skirt. It’s so long compared to other maxi’s I’ve worn. I am 5’9″ and usually cannot buy maxi’s because they’re not long enough. This dress probably should have been worn with heels because it was dragging a little with my flat boots. It may have gotten tangled up in the cactus a little too, but so worth it for these incredible photos by Erika Greene Photography. You can follow her on Instagram at @erikagreenephotography or on Facebook here.

Be you, Bravely.

Katrina Fox

The Foxy Kat (TFK)



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