When it comes to fashion, there are no rules. Fashion and trends are ever changing, while style is a constant. If you have a personal style and you stick to it, I say you can experiment with wearing white after Memorial Day. Or how about the rule that states after you get dressed and put on your jewelry you’re supposed to take one piece of jewelry off before leaving the house? This rule got me through college and even helped a few of my friends out too. Now that I know my own style and understand how to create a polished look with multiple pieces of jewelry of the same aesthetic, I can wear earrings, a necklace, a watch, bracelets and rings if I’d like. I don’t do it all the time because I don’t have that many pieces that all coordinate and it can be uncomfortable to wear a bunch of jewelry while I’m typing on my computer all day at work. The point is that these days experimenting with your wardrobe is totally acceptable, depending on the activity you’re dress for of course, and it’s fun to create something that makes you happy when you weren’t expecting it.

Rules to be broken…
  1.  Don’t wear black and blue together.
  2.  Match your purse to your shoes.
  3.  Bobby pins should blend into your hair, not stand out.
  4.  Don’t mix gold and silver.

Rule Breaker #1 – A rule I always stood by was not wearing brown and black together. Now I’ve found instances where tan or a rustic brown with black in it (I’m imagining boots) look great with black. I actually rarely wear brown, but there was a time in college when I showed up to a SIFE meeting (a club I was in) wearing my navy blue polo and black dress pants. An upper classman / fashionisto quickly told me that I looked like a bruise. I went out and bought tan dress pants the next day. Here, you’ll notice that I’m breaking the rule and wearing a cobalt blue dress with a black leather purse. The blue is bright enough that the black purse is a great compliment. Try it you want to break this rule at home, stay away from navy blue and look for a lighter or brighter blue to partner with black pants, shoes or accessories.

Rule Breaker #2 – I’ve never been fancy enough to own as many purses as I have shoes, which means I only have a few purses to choose from and rarely do they match my shoes. I have the necessities like a few different black purses in various sizes and styles, and a few fashion colors like white, leopard, and silver. However, I love the monochromatic (??) look of wearing all one color from head to toe. Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors and it was also the primary color at my wedding, which means that leading up to the wedding I purchased everything that I could find in cobalt. Oddly enough I have a dress and a pair of heels that match perfectly. If you’re interested in breaking this rule of having your purse match your shoes, I suggest finding a purse that does not clash with your shoes and coordinates with the style, color and overall look you’re going for. If you’re interested in testing out a head to toe color story, I suggest testing it out with a neutral color first like black, grey, blue or white. From there ease into more colors, but make sure that the color is the same through out. Also, spice up your look with accessories in other colors and make sure the styling doesn’t read too bridesmaid-y.

Rule Breaker #3 – Hair has it’s own rules, which are also slowly dwindling like fashion rules. One rule I always followed was curling my hair away from my face and curling my hair the same exact way on each side. Lauren from Gossamer Salon actually used multiple curling irons here and switched up the technique and direction that she curled my hair in order to create textured curls (watch the tutorial here.) In order to spice up the look, she used metal bobby pins to hold the hair on one side and to create hair art by adding in more pins that I actually needed and fanning them out like you see here. The trick for breaking this rule is to use bobby pins that are not a natural hair color and picking metallics or colors that stand out again your hair color. More on this technique in the hair tutorial here.

Rule Breaker #4 – This rule went out the window a while ago, at least it did for me. I love gold; rose and yellow, but in the 90’s and even the early 2000’s silver or white gold was most popular. Born in the 80’s, the jewelry I was accustom to from my mom was yellow gold. I like to consider myself a jewelry collector, my collection might not have much of a monetary value, but the sentimental value is infinite and the pieces I’ve collected over time are from all different metal families. Gunmetal, antique silver and even copper are a few of my favorites too. I can’t help but wear certain pieces together even without having the metal makeup in common. Similar to the first jewelry rule that I mentioned, make sure you’re wearing pieces that have a similar feel. Ask yourself if these two items would be worn by the same girl and if not, would these two separate girls even hang out. If the answer is no, then these pieces probably won’t make sense being worn at the same time. Better yet, purchase a piece of jewelry that already mixes different metals and you’re all set! This choker I’m wearing here is silver with gold pieces that hang down. I typically would not purchase this piece online because I’m not sure how it would fit my neck or how the quality is on the gold pieces, so lucky for me it came in my Rocksbox.

Rocksbox is a designer jewelry subscription where the Rocksbox team selects three jewelry pieces to mail you based on your style profile and wish list. You can keep the items for as long as you want and wear them as much as you want or you can mail them back the very next day in order to get a new box set to you. It’s $21 a month with an unlimited number of jewelry pieces within that time frame, however three pieces are always set to you at a time. You can choose to keep the jewelry at an additional cost and use the $21 that you pay a month towards the jewelry that is already discounted for you. Use “THEFOXYKATXOXO” for a free month at rocksbox.com.



  1. Kat! I love you in cobalt blue! I used to only like silver, but over time, that has definitely changed into gold, and now rose gold! I love mixing metals for a chic look!

  2. I love the look of the stacked bobby pins! I am going to try that sometime. Also love you in that cobalt blue.

  3. I totally agree with your rules!! I grow up wearing yellow gold jewelry because it was fashionable but then and my mom loves gold jewelry. Now I’m into the pink gold rose. I really enjoy reading this!

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