In case you read my last blog post about this head-to-toe look, you probably noticed that the look has a bit of a casual mountaineer vibe going on. When I moved to NYC after college, I clung on to anything that had an Arizona feel to it. Navajo printed jackets, turquoise beaded jewelry, miniature cacti – you name it, I probably owned it at some point in time and incorporated it into my own personal style whether it was my wardrobe or my home decor. Having a deep rooted love for this casual style, while also wanting to feel glam at any given situation, I often times have trouble with finding jewelry that can be mixed together and work for both instances.

In this look, I wanted to keep the color scheme fairly simple and I loved the contrast of the brown against the blush bodysuit. I decided to focus on similar elements like the brown chukka boots and brown JORD wood watch. The silver bracelet was my Grandma’s and it actually has a Kachina doll on it, which I love because it reminds me of her and also because Kachina is close to my name and will always remind me of moving to Arizona when I was little. Having such a casual bracelet, I wasn’t sure if fine jewelry would go as nicely compared to a turquoise ring or something along those lines. However, I love the added sparkle on my hand from the right hand ring and the additional wedding band. The rose gold band in the center of both the right hand ring and my wedding set beautifully matches the blush bodysuit. Seeing the entire look all together makes me realize that wearing fine jewelry in a more casual setting doesn’t clash with the look at all. It is an extension of your own personal style and works well when you mix and match. 

A couple things about these rings that I love…

1. The right hand ring can also be a statement wedding band. If you’re a nurse, a hair stylist or someone who works in a profession where you’re constantly putting on gloves, this would be a great ring because there isn’t a diamond to tear the gloves or to spin on your finger. 

2. The right hand ring resembles a flower design, which I absolutely love! Since my maiden name is Bloom, I’m always trying to find pieces that resemble flowers or a floral pattern. 

3. The right hand ring incorporates rose gold without being overbearing or over the top.

4. The wedding band between my wedding set is thin enough to fit between my wedding band and engagement ring, but large enough to make a difference. The diamonds are not channel set, so they literally look like they are loosely strung together on your finger.

Be You, Bravely. The Foxy Kat

Disclaimer: I was given a gift of appreciation for my recap of these gorgeous rings, however that does not change what is written is my own personal opinion based on my experiences. 



  1. Im all about adding a bit of bling to any casual outfit. It keeps it balanced, love what you did here 🙂

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