There is something so special about vintage clothing. It seems like the second I put it on I am instantly transported through the experiences that article of clothing has lived through. It isn’t a secret that the clothing you choose to wear is telling a story to all who see it. However, with vintage clothing, it’s almost as if the stories choose you rather than you choose them. I have some articles of clothing that are handmade from my Grandma and my Great-Grandma that are very near and dear to my heart. The stories of those items have been told and retold so many times that I’m sure I’m creating a new reality for them as I retell them. Then there are the items that I’ve found at a consignment store or a second-hand shop and depending on the item of clothing I oftentimes find myself relating it to an old movie or an old family story that I’ve heard to create it’s history. Either way, I love giving the item life again and channeling it to current day trends to relate to my style.


Now I realize that wearing pre-owned clothing isn’t for everyone. Sometimes the fit isn’t the best or maybe the integrity of the item wasn’t maintained to the level that you uphold with your clothing. But, in some cases the quality of how it is made is equal or better than what you can purchase for the same price tag. Also, as fashion repeats itself, you could be scoring a piece that you’ve always wanted at half the price tag. Recently my girlfriend told me about how her friend purchased a vintage Gucci belt from a second-hand store at less than half the price those popular belts are going for new from the Gucci store. There is no feeling like when the stars align and you find that perfect piece. That feeling is probably due to the fact that it can often times be hard work to come across the perfect item. Occasionally, you might find yourself scouring the racks and trying on items in multiple sizes only to maybe find one item that works.

Thank goodness for the people who truly have a knack for this vintage shopping and our sharing their talents. It is definitively an art form and many people have realized that and turned it into a business. Not everyone enjoys vintage shopping. I for one love shopping, but sometimes I’m not in the mood to shop vintage. (I do however love to clean closets and have yet to find a person who shares this organizational joy of mine. If you need help with organizing your closet, click here to read about the Styling Services I offer.) All of the dresses in this blog post were borrowed from Desert Loom, who is closing the doors to her online vintage shop soon! If you’re interested in these dresses or similar vintage clothing, head to her Etsy store before it’s closed! This post on her Instagram explains more. 

Another favorite vintage retailer of mine is Vintage Love. My friend, Shauna, runs the clothing piece of the store called Maeflowers VintageDriftwood & Glitter is the vintage home decor side of the business that her dear friend runs. Together they have a third piece known as Local Love. The actual store front is in Syracuse, New York, but the online store is accessible from your phone, couch, bed or where ever you do your online shopping (Maybe the toilet like my husband? I’m not judging!) 

Are you a vintage shopper? If so, where do you find your forever pieces? Please share your secrets below in the comments!

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All photos by: Daniel Kim Photography | Facebook | Instagram |

Vintage dresses: Desert Loom | Facebook | Instagram | Etsy |

Shoot location: Tempe – Moxy Hotels | 1333 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281| Facebook | Instagram |


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  1. Such pretty dresses! Lol about toilet seat shopping (boys!)! Love the vibe of this whole post Kat. Did you know Zinnias is closing soon on 7 th Ave so sad. I’m going to the farewell party on Saturday. You should join!!

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