Starting a new job always gets me so excited to shop my own wardrobe. My new co-workers haven’t seen my favorite outfits that have been on repeat over the past year. It’s almost like all of my clothes are new again! Plus, I get a surge of excitement to actually do my hair and put on makeup. I always tell myself that I’ll put more effort into try new hair styles and actually using every color in my eye shadow palette, but I also really value my sleep and that tends to take precedence after a couple weeks on the new job.

Either way, I’m excited enough to show you one of my favorite work ensembles. I’m a huge fan of skirts and dresses, but at my last job the office was very conservative and had a rule against skirts that were more than an inch above your knees, which is impossible for me to find since my thighs are so long. I understand that it’s not appropriate to wear too short of skirts, but I am excited to feel comfortable wearing them in the work place again. 

Plus, this particular skirt from BCBG is a thick knit fabric. It’s super comfortable to wear throughout the day. It stretches the right amount, while also holding everything in place. The top is Free People and I found it second hand at Uptown Cheapskate in Chandler. I hate buying white shirts because they never last too long. I always tend to spill something on them, so I was very excited to find it so cheap at Uptown Cheapskate and stain free! I don’t tend to wear my Louboutins to work, but I love a good nude heel with blues and whites. The top and skirt are no longer in stores, but I pulled some of my favorites and created outfits above for inspiration. Comment below with your favorite!

Photography: Auric Photography,
Makeup: Erica Mendoza,
Hair: Lauren Wohlin, @l.a.dub; S & L Trends, @sandltrends.
Location: Royal Palms Resort & Spa,

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