Spring time in Arizona is filled with events. There is so much to do! From events for the bride (bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings), to events for the expecting mother, and of course birthday parties, charity fundraisers, galas, fashion shows, etc. there is something happening every weekend from February to June! Then once the triple digit weather kicks in it seems like the Arizona social calendar calms down while Zonies go on vacations to beat the heat or park next to their favorite form of water whether it’s a lake or a backyard pool. To maximize your spring events, try branching out with a new hair style, a color you usually never wear, or a style of a dress (romper, jumpsuit, etc) that you typically wouldn’t wear.

It’s so easy to wear black for a formal event, so this season I made a point to test out colors that don’t currently stand out in my closet. The primary color in my closet, besides grays, white and black, is blue. I own all shades of blue from navy to cobalt and everything in between. The one color that should look nice against my fair skin is green. Here I’m wearing a bright green color and I love the way it warms up my skin and hair color. It almost brings an auburn or reddish color from my brown hair. Plus, one of the hottest colors this spring is “Greenery,” which is a bright green color. Also, Olive is very popular too (shown here.)

The dresses that I wear aren’t usually ones with drop waists. Typically I don’t even wear dresses that are form fitting to my waist or torso. This DVF lace dress spoke to me because of the flirty skirt and also I love anything lace. The see through cap sleeves and lower back were two design elements that I really enjoy. Stepping outside your comfort zone with clothing styles can be a very exhilarating thing. Even just trying something on that you usually wouldn’t helps you to understand what you like, don’t like and sometimes you surprise yourself with styles that you actually love and can’t live without. The important thing to remember is to still be true to your own personal style. For me, the dress color is louder than dresses I typically wear, so I toned down the rest of the styling with nude heels, and grey/silver earrings.

With the flouncy skirt and bright green color, I thought it was only appropriate to have a hairstyle that is just as fun. When Lauren mentioned creating one braid from three different types of braids coming together, I couldn’t wait to get started! This was the fifth look during a photo shoot session with Kate Keyt from Kate Nelle Photography. After I quickly changed into this dress, Lauren removed my textured bun and whipped up this braid in the parking lot. Ten to fifteen minutes is all it took for the braid genius to create this masterpiece from a 4D braid, a 3D fishtail and a regular braid. After the shoot, I went to the Phoenix Open and rocked the braid all day, all night at the after party at Top Golf and the next day for the facial and GNO. I removed two of the braids and kept the 3D fishtail on top. I picked out a couple pieces to curl with my curling rod and had a completely new look for my second day hair.

What is one style that you’ve tried recently? This can be with your attire, clothes, makeup or accessories. I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Be you, Bravely.

Katrina Fox

The Foxy Kat (TFK)



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