Shirt and pants were gifted from NYDJ. Bracelet was gifted from Monica Vinader. All opinions are my own. 

Don’t let this gorgeous olive green jacket fool you, it is still over 100 degrees here in Arizona! What do you do when you’re ready for fall weather clothes and you live in Arizona? I’ll tell you what I do, I take advantage of purchasing brand new fall merchandise at a discount and then I go indoors and enjoy the cool A/C! Usually at the office it’s so cold that I have to wear a jacket or a sweater in the summer months no matter what. 

I’m sure you’re wondering how brand new SKUs that are just now hitting the stores for fall are on sale, especially when typically sales this time of year are focused on summer items. Let me fill you in on a little secret, the big sales to keep your eyes out for are Anniversary Sales! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has been going on since mid July, which allows you to purchase fall items at a discount before it hits the floor at the regular price. NYDJ is no different!

The NYDJ flagship store at your very own Scottsdale Fashion Square mall is also having an anniversary sale! To celebrate the store opening a year ago, they are offering 20% off of your entire purchase on Saturday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th, which is HUGE savings! My advice is to stock up on those fall staples; jeans, jackets, blouses, sweaters, etc.

I spoke to the NYDJ Store Manager Denise to get the low down on the event. For the entire weekend they will be offering 20% off your entire purchase. Plus, they will have raffle prizes to give away all weekend. You do not have to be present to win and you don’t even have to purchase something to be entered to win, so you might as well stop by and take a look around. There will be drinks and food to enjoy when you do! Post a video to your Instagram story of your favorite NYDJ items at the store and tag me, @thefoxykat1, so I can see what you find.

Let’s talk about the clothes…

Jacket – If you’ve been following along on TFK blog, then you know that I’ve been dying to find a camo or olive green jacket since going to Florence, Italy in early June (blog post here.) But, I’m picky. My non-negotiables for my jacket were…

1. Comfort – There is nothing worse than when a jacket is too stiff or it’s uncomfortable in the shoulder region after wearing it for long than an hour.
2. Minimal Design – There are so many camo and olive green jackets that have tacky patches and glitter. I want a jacket that will outlast the fads and I can use it for several seasons to come. Plus, I’m going to be living in this jacket and the less stand out items the better, otherwise it will be very obvious of how often I repeat this staple.
3. Flattering Fit – I already have a box shape to my upper body, so I desperately don’t want to add to that with a straight and boxy jacket too. I want something that is form fitting and helps to create those curves that I lack.

After looking all around Europe and again in Arizona, this is the absolute best option for my needs. A few added bonuses are… the price point for the level of quality that NYDJ has, the rolled sleeve option, the zipper and button front, the draw strings, the length and the soft fabric. Honestly, I could go on all day about how much I love this jacket! Being a jacket, something I don’t buy a lot of in Arizona, it’s definitely an investment piece that will last me a while. If you’re looking for an investment piece, might as well purchase it with 20% off.

Shirt – It’s hard to tell here, since I’m wearing the jacket, but Denise pulled out a brand new print that is hitting the floors this week. The blouse is a tried and true design at NYDJ and it’s my favorite top for work and then meeting up for dinner and happy hour later. It is very hard to wrinkle this fabric and it’s not sticky like silk, so you feel fresh all day. I love that it allows you to breath, but it has the same flow as wearing a 100% silk blouse. I’m a sucker for silk, but my skin hates it. I always end up sweaty and itchy when I wear silk. This NYDJ shirt is a really nice polyester, so you can easily machine wash it if you want or take it to the dry cleaners if that’s your preference. This 20% off sale is the perfect time to stock up on those everyday staples.

White Jeans – Having a deep strong love for fashion, I have always loved a good pant that allows someone to stand out. White is so classy. It’s perfect for summer, but I actually love them year round. Being practical and sometimes frugal, I have never purchased a pair of white pants, until now! What I found out is that they’re a lot more difficult to stain than I thought. These pants in particular are made of cotton/polyester/elastic. The fabrics seems like you can white the dirt right off. Also, I’ve always been self conscious of wearing white pants because I’m afraid it will make me look larger than dark denim, but NYDJ uses a Lift Tuck Technology that creates a super flattering fit. Also, I love anything high waisted and with a skinny legging style. The ankle pant has a released hem, which creates a fun undone look to the jean without going over board on the distressed and fringe styling. Take advantage of those riskier items for your wardrobe, since you have 20% off for the weekend! You will be very happy you did. 

Lastly, I have to point out my new hair color by Lauren Wohlin from Gossamer Salon! Better late than never, she added some golden balayage highlights for summer. I’ll be sharing a blog post about what to tell your hairstylist when you want to go lighter, but not too light, and when you want it to look super natural once it’s done and also as it grows out. In this blog post, I’ll share a tutorial video on how Lauren colored my hair along with tips from the pros! Until then, I hope to see your Instagram stories from the NYDJ event this weekend. I will be at a wedding in Michigan, so I’ll be living vicariously through you!



    • Kat Reply

      You should try it on! I’m so picky too and this one passed the test. 🙂

  1. You’ve got me wanting more white jeans! They can be so tough to find, but glad you pick up that cute ankle cut pair! xo, Meg

  2. This is so cute!! You always put together such perfect outfits! Also, I tried on their jeans after your last event there, and I can second that they are SUPER comfy 🙋🏽

    • Kat Reply

      Yay! I’m so glad you liked them 🙂 And thank you doll! <3

    • Kat Reply

      Me too! I can’t get enough of the ankle jean with a released hem. I have them in green too!

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