One of my favorite colors to wear during the holiday season is “winter white”. I’m not one to follow the “no white after labor day” rule, so saying that I’m wearing “winter white” is the perfect excuse for me to get away with it. I definitely think there are some articles of white clothing that wouldn’t work during the holiday season (usually these are items that appear to be lighter in fabric and styled for summer time), but the look below is not one of them.


The second Holiday Party Look features the Ruthie pant by Hues of Ego. I didn’t remember seeing this pant at the Phoenix Fashion Week show, so you can imagine my excitement when Natasha pulled it out of her closet. I have to admit that I was a little nervous trying on a high waisted pant with my short torso, but I was pleasantly surprised when looking in the mirror and seeing how the paper-bag waist and layered belts add just the right amount of detail while tying the look together. The cut of the trouser pant and wide cuff hem accentuates length and really gives off a long leg look. I love the front pockets! The cleanness of this pant is the perfect match with a blazer for an office holiday party, networking event or a twist on a traditional suit. The back zipper definitely adds to the cleanness of this pant as well. Another look that I love with this pant is a chiffon or thin silk blouse. Something that you can tuck into the pant, but has just enough movement and flow so that it isn’t too stiff. I’m imagining this combination as a weekend look or a night out with friends.


The other items shown in the 2nd Holiday Party Look are:

White Blazer | BCBG

Sleeveless Grey Crop Top | Nordstrom BP

Black Pumps | YSL

Clear Crystal & Gold Necklace | J Crew

Layered Belts (3 separate) come with the Ruthie pant | Hues of Ego


The Ruthie pant is so special that it is actually an exclusive Hues of Ego piece. You can’t find this item online for purchase at, but don’t worry – you can reach out to Natasha, the designer/CEO of Hues of Ego, and she’ll make a custom order for you. Contact information below.

Natasha Duran Lynch | Designer/CEO
Hues of Ego |
Email |
@HuesofEgo | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

For more information on the photography seen here, please contact the photographer who styled the photo shoot and edited the photos:

Nissania Truijillo | Photographer |

Email |

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Be You, Bravely.

The Foxy Kat


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  1. Hi Katrina!

    I am the photo editor for I love your style and was wondering if we might be able to re-post some of our favorite photos from your blog on in our editorial posts. Of course, we’d link back to your blog and provide photo credit every time. Let me know when you get a chance.

    Thank you!

    • Kat Reply

      Hi Kelly! Thank you very much for reaching out. I would love for to share my photos. Please let me know what photos you’re interested in sharing so that I can be sure that you have the correct photographer credit. Thank you so much!

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