Blue is definitely my favorite color. Light blues are so whimsical and calming, while dark blues are very classic and regal. Since my skin tone is fair and pink, I prefer cool tones when it comes to my wardrobe as to balance out the warmth in my skin and hair. This spring, I’ve noticed that shades of dark blue and navy have hit the racks at some of my favorite stores, like NYDJ at Scottsdale Fashion Square and Joie at Scottsdale Quarter. Typically in the spring I tend to gravitate towards brights and lights, but the dark blues can give off a very nautical vibe if done right.

Last year, I added a pair of crisp white, released hem, ankle jeans to my everyday collection from NYDJ. The shorter and frayed hem allows for a more casual appearance, which is great for those spring, summer and fall months (I actually wear them year round, but I feel it’s easy to get away this style in a warm state like Arizona.)

About a month ago, as I was shopping with the Scottsdale Fashion Square Store Manager Denise, I tried on a unique top at NYDJ that compliments my white jeans perfectly. (If you were following along on my Instagram Stories then you know that I was just trying it on for fun and was not planning on purchasing it. However, I panicked during checkout and had to have it too!) I knew that the combination of the white with the dark blue overlay would be the perfect addition to my spring and summer collection. I find the continuation of the white on the bottom to be very slimming rather than breaking up the white with a pair of blue jeans. However, I do believe a light pair of blue jeans would also look nice with this top or a pair of light jean shorts.

With the off the shoulders and slit in the back styling creates a lighter feel to the top, which reads spring and summer to me. The elbow length sleeves are perfect in those cooler states too. NYDJ has a great selection of fashion tops that are unique to other offerings that I see in stores currently. They also have a set of their everyday collection tops that have multiple prints and colors in the same style, which is great for when you finally find a top that is the perfect fit!



  1. The off the shoulder with back slit really makes the top flirty but not too much. It looks great with the white jeans too btw! Love it. And cute pup!!

  2. So cute (you, the top, and the pups!) I typically go for light or bright colors around this time also, but the off the shoulder works so perfectly for spring!

    Robin II Penn And Quill

  3. Autumn Jenkins Reply

    I love the contrast of dark and light colors in that top! love that it’s off the shoulder as well

  4. Love your outfit! Navy is a favorite color of mine so it stays in my wardrobe even during summer (although I usually try to add a pop of color too). And I of course love the puppies. 🙂

  5. Great look! I love the way you’ve pulled it all together. And that sweet pup is adorable, too!

  6. I love white for summer, but I’m usually too scared to try it! Maybe this year…
    PS. Looove your dogs!

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