Spring is all about cleaning out your closet, adding brighter and lighter colors to your wardrobe, and essentially wearing less clothes so you can enjoy the gorgeous warm Arizona weather. But, what happens if you work in an office that is freezing?! Without fail, every spring the office I work in seems to be at winter temperatures as the outdoor temps are slowly creeping towards triple digits. It’s so challenging to get dressed in morning for the office weather that I’ll be exposed to all day. If I wear a chunky sweater from my house to work in 90 degree weather, I will regret my decision to and from. However, if I wear a sleeveless shirt I’ll be freezing for 9 hours at the office. What is a girl to do?!

Life is all about compromises and I found the cutest transitional spring clothes from NYDJ. I love layering because I can easily throw on a light sweater in the office, but take it off when I leave the office for happy hour, or in this case a denim duster. I love this piece from NYDJ so much. It adds color and dimension, while also keeping me warm without looking like a winter item. Plus, my long sleeve white shirt is pretty light weight, but since it’s covering it keeps me warm.

Pants: Secondly, I’m all about ankle jeans. Not only am I too tall for regular length pants, so they always look like ankle length, but they allow a little bit of leg to peek through, which means it’s not as hot outside and my entire legs aren’t bare at work. The incorporation of the 2018 color of the year (purple) is a refreshing change to the typical blue jean. These pants are actually called grey, but they look more violet to me, which I love! Not to mention that these pants have the NYDJ Life Tuck Technology that flattens the front and shapes the back curves, if you know what I mean. 😉 I love the high waist too. If you haven’t gotten into a pair of their pants, you absolutely need to! It makes wearing jeans all day so much more comfortable.

Lastly, even though booties are more of a fall and winter shoe, you can still get away with them in the spring. They’re short enough to run around outside during spring and keep your toes warm in the office too! 



  1. It’s definitely transitional weather here in NY too. Layering is so key! Love the long blue cardigan on you!

  2. I live in Indiana and right now the Spring weather isn’t so spring. It’s like it doesn’t want to let go of winter yet. We’ve had some warm days but they just don’t stick around. So I haven’t gotten to wear many spring outfits yet. I really like your outfit and loving those shoes! You keep enjoying that Arizona weather! 😉

  3. Michelle Blackwood Reply

    Wow that’s definitely my style, love the casual look of leggings

  4. Marisol Avila Reply

    Such cute pieces! I totally get what you mean…i have a blanket at my office lol. You look so cute in all these photos Kat!

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