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Off the shoulder tops are all the rage these days! I love them so much, but sometimes they drive me crazy. As soon as you lift your arm the shirt shifts to the other side.  Found this floral patterned one at Anthropologie. It’s a great inbetween style. It can be worn higher on the shoulders or you can pull it down lower if you prefer. It’s super comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. Sometimes, I prefer to wear a blazer with it, because I love the contrast of the dark top with the white blazer and white necklace. Pairing it with long denim and black booties is perfect for fall.

katrinafox-88 katrinafox-89The accessories shown here are handmade and from local Arizona artists. For more information please read my blog posts here and here. I love these type of bracelets. They can be formed to your wrist to make them smaller or larger depending on your preference. I prefer them to be closer to my wrist so that they have less of a jingle on my arm. They also have great meaning. The rose gold Mantra Band says, “What if you fly?” My girlfriend, Ansley, gave that to me for my birthday. It’s a great reminder to take that leap of faith! The bracelet from Lotus Girl says, “Killin’ It,” which really helps me to feel like I’m killin’ it every time I wear it. Lastly, the cactus bracelet from Kenneth Pierre Designs represents my hometown in Arizona. I love all three! The necklace is also made by a local artist. Read about Sonia Gracia here.


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Sunglasses photograph by: Colleen Ward / / Instagram / Facebook / Specializes in family, engagement, wedding, senior photos, and fashion photography in the greater Cleveland area.

katrinafox-91Be you, bravely.

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