IMG_5174Phoenix Fashion Week 2015 wrapped up on Saturday, October 3rd with four couture designers, Azmara Asefa, Leola Sky, Hues of Ego, and Michelle Hebert (in order of appearance.)

Azmara Asefa’s collection stood for being “Apocalpse-Ready.” She mentioned in her intro video that she is providing clothing as an armor for woman to take on their day and face the world’s challenges. Also, her inspiration was A Brave New World. The thing that really stuck out to me is that being ethical is very important to her, she only works with fair trade factories and US factories, and she gives back 10% of what she makes to the Women’s Refugee Commission. Not only does her brand stand for a strong concept, but she is very creative in the art that she creates. In her collection, she used a lot of neutral colors like blacks, greys, and whites, which I love; along with a pop of mint green. I really enjoyed the jackets and coats that she made. You can really see her architecture background and influence in her work with the lazor-cut shapes and cut outs in her clothing. My two favorite items were the grey and black long coat and the leather jacket. To watch a video of all the looks, go to my YouTube channel here. Next was Leola Sky; to watch a video of her looks on the runway click here.

12139987_454767568058926_3490253413663993220_oThe third designer to show her collection was Scottsdale’s own, Natasha Duran-Lynch of Hues of Ego. Natasha is also the couture designer of the year! I’ve been following Natasha’s journey since she showed at Phoenix Fashion Week last year. Her and I collaborated last winter to show how her collection translated to holiday party looks and she made me a gorgeous skirt to wear to my holiday party. It’s been so fun to see this brand grow. The creativity and construction has always been there, and now Natasha can focus more efforts on building a business and spreading the word about about she does. I am so excited and happy that her pieces will be sold on EVINE Live starting in February 2016.


My two favorite pieces of the night was her opening look and her finale, which was actually my two favorite pieces in her 2014 show. Natasha does a great job of catching your attention right away with her intro video. This year it featured a ballerina who then came down the runway to start off the show, video here. The first dress is beautifully constructed with an interesting neckline and shoulders. She is carrying a hand made red balloon that tied back to the intro video. During the runway show I was able to point out some elements that are staples of Hues of Ego that I love. However, this year there was a twist. The color story included blush pinks, white and black, which is very familiar, but an added color story with a deep red and golden yellow added a fresh touch. I love the lace that Natasha is known for, but this runway she incorporated a jumpsuit, a romper a long skirt, bralette and a hi-lo dress. One of my favorite pieces is a white crop top that is longer in the back with buttons. Natasha is actually wearing this top on the runway. I loved the overall styling, including hair, jewelery, shoes, and I could see myself or someone I know wear every single piece of clothing that went down the runway. To view a video of all the looks, please go to my YouTube channel, Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

To finish the runway show of emerging designers was Michelle Hebert from Los Angeles. Her collection really grabbed my attention at the Shop Garment District event and it continued through out Phoenix Fashion Week as well. There’s something so whimsical, sweet and romantic about this collection, but also with an edge that is so raw, vulnerable and a little dark at the same time. In two words, it’s beautiful.

12113514_454762181392798_429651596917306410_o12141166_454762138059469_5653160170488564093_o12080143_454762241392792_1416289565243864160_oI love the placement of the lace and the unique lace treatments that include small flowers and almost shredded or torn looking pieces of fabric in the finale. The gold splashes and beading on the fabric was one of my favorite treatments that she showed. I also loved the black caplet with the mask crown. The accessories matched the styling of the designs perfectly. She had a great use of the crowns in her looks to describe the feeling of her art. To watch Michelle Hebert’s collection walk down the runway, visit my YouTube channel here.

All professional photography courtesy of Matt Young Photography. For more photos from Matt Young Photography, please go to his Facebook album here. | Facebook | Website | Instagram |

To shop my outfit from Phoenix Fashion Week night 3, please click below. Specifically for the skirt, visit my blog post here.

Be you, bravely.

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